Member profile: Mark Flannagan

Member profile: Mark Flannagan

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Clubman Mark loves pounding the hills of Surrey before chewing down a cheese straw, from the Peaslake village store.

Name: Mark Flannagan
Age: 52
From: Woking
Club: Woking CC

What kind of riding do you do?
Road – a soggy Ride London in 2014 and now with a target of 3000 miles in 2015 – the distance to New York.

What do you enjoy most about cycling?
The Club, the club, the club.  Being out on the road with others and learning from them.  And coffee and cake stops.

What’s your favourite ride?
The one just before Ride London – doing all the hills and doing them well.  Any ride that involves going through Peaslake where the cheese straws are worth any hill.

What’s your top cycling tip to share?
Every ride teaches and the worst ones teach the most. Take time to learn from them. And join a club.

If you had a tandem, who would you like to ride it with?
The Patron of the charity I run (Beating Bowel Cancer) Matt Dawson. He can do most of the work in the hills!

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