Rider profile - Anton Chettleburgh

Rider profile - Anton Chettleburgh

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Anton from Norfolk is our kind of cyclist - at home on muddy trails or tarmac, not afraid of a challenge and willing to make an exhibition of himself for a good cause. Here's his profile.

Name: Anton Chettleburgh

Age: 42

From: Norwich

Clubs: VC Norwich, Iceni Velo, York Tavern Cycling Club.

What kind of riding do you do? Club road rides, sportives, muddy trails, Friday afternoon cafe spins.

What do you enjoy most about cycling? The freedom of being out on the open road with the sunshine beaming (sometimes).

What’s your favourite ride? The Prudential Ride London 2013 in the Buisness Relay category for Team Serco. Great atmosphere and a whopper of a medal at the finish.

A close second was riding the Cambridge to Norwich 2014 Sportive with my fellow superheroes. Plenty of laughs and comments on that one!

Top tip: Put your energy gels in your bottle with your drink. Saves getting sticky fingers and no wrappers to dispose of while riding.

If you had a tandem, who would you like to ride it with? Would have to be with the better half Claire who has asthma so can't ride so I'd be doing all the work while she takes in the scenic countryside views of Norfolk.

By the way Norfolk's not all flat as people seem to think!

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