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British Cycling Mapping

Search and Create
your Own Bike Routes

We want everyone to love riding their bikes as much as we do, which is why we've developed British Cycling Mapping. Search maps in your area, including British Cycling Approved and GB Riders routes plus map your own routes.

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You have access to over 300 British Cycling Approved routes, GB Rider routes, routes posted by other British Cycling members, improved detail with Ordnance Survey and can create, edit, save, upload, download, rate and share routes

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A taster of British Cycling Mapping is available for everyone to use. You can view a sample of around 80 British Cycling Approved routes, create and save 3 of your own routes.

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From just £33 a year, you'll have access to all the functionality that British Cycling Mapping has to offer plus you'll be covered with liability insurance, receive an exclusive weekly member newsletter, plus save ££'s on cycling gear and magazines.

Use the slider to compare the two versions of our mapping tool. The left image shows google maps and the right images shows Ordnance Survey 1:25