Five reasons to try mountain biking in the dark

Five reasons to try mountain biking in the dark

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With modern high powered, lightweight and long running lights, mountain biking in the dark is a must do winter cycling activity. Here are our top 5 reasons to give it a try and, once you’re convinced, check out our how-to guide to night-time mountain biking.

More riding

If you’re working typical hours during the winter and are limiting your riding to daylight, you’re realistically only going to be getting out at the weekends. By strapping on some lights you’ll open up the possibility of after work, or before if you’re really keen, rides during the week.

Fall back in love with your local trails

Even trails that you’ve ridden to death and know like the back of your hand take on a whole new character in the dark. Holes seem bigger, slopes steeper and you’re never quite 100% sure what might be lurking around that next bend.

Feel the rush

Because you’re riding in a relatively tight tunnel of light, your sense of speed is noticeably increased. Again this means that even relatively tame and untechnical trails get a significant enjoyment boost.

Skills and fitness

Yes, you can work on your fitness on a turbo but, if you’re only hitting the trails at the weekend, your skills are going to be very rusty by the spring. A couple of night rides a week will keep you dialled in and develop mountain biking specific fitness.

Have an adventure

There’s a real sense of adventure in heading up into the hills or weaving through a forest in the dark. Whether you’re battling through the mud on a foggy night, riding under twinkling stars during a hard frost or having a blast in fresh snow, a whole variety of winter night-time adventures are waiting for you.

How to mountain bike in the dark


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