Women's cycling: how to take your riding to the next level

Women's cycling: how to take your riding to the next level

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Whether you want to explore the different cycling disciplines, find a club to help you develop, or simply further increase your confidence on a bike, a range of opportunities are on offer.

British Cycling covers six cycling disciplines: track, road, BMX, cycle speedway, cyclo-cross and mountain biking. Cyclists wanting to try their hand at one of these disciplines for the first time – or to develop their skills – are catered for by numerous specialist facilities throughout the country.

British Cycling uses some of these facilities, namely closed road circuits and velodromes, to deliver women-only rider development sessions. British Cycling trained coaches and leaders run these sessions, and are a great resource for bespoke support. The sessions give women and girls the opportunity to ride with friends and others of a similar ability, develop bike handling skills, learn about group riding techniques and etiquette, and to develop their cycling fitness.

These subjects and more are also covered by British Cycling's tips and advice which provides comprehensive advice on a huge variety of topics, all of which is designed to help cyclists improve their riding.

The social aspect of cycling is a hugely important factor for lots of women, and British Cycling’s network of over 1700 affiliated clubs provides an ideal environment for female cyclists to enhance their enjoyment of the sport alongside friends. Joining a club is a great way to get the most out of your cycling – whether it’s a mixed or female-only club.

Many of our clubs run women-only sessions, and all the information you need to identify the right club for you is available in our Club Finder tool.

For those wanting to make the step from recreational riding to organised events, a sportive allows cyclists to test themselves over courses which range from 20 to 100 miles, in a non-competitive environment.

Most British Cycling registered sportives have a grading, which is allocated to each ride distance included within the event, giving an indication of the difficultly level of the particular route to help you when choosing an event that is right for you. For the beginner or developing cyclist, it is advisable to look out for those with a grade 1 or 2, as these are typically shorter, flatter routes.

For girls and teenagers, Go-Ride racing offers young people under the age of 16 the opportunity to experience entry-level racing. The programme is delivered by local Go-Ride clubs and is a great starting point for young people to challenge themselves and to try racing for the first time. Many clubs host girls-only races and events as part of wider series which are great fun for riders and spectators alike.