Event URN:
Start date:
Mon, 3rd Jun 2013
Event Type:
Track (Competitive)
Shrub End Sports Ground
Boadicea Way, Colchester, CO2 9BQ
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Event promoted by:
Colchester Rovers CC ( website )
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Event organiser:
Miss Joanne Lifford
Cheques payable to:
J R Lifford
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Info for Riders:
Sign on time 6.15pm. Riders can enter the race as a series on the one entry form or just select the dates they can attend.

Please note that this is a Go-Ride Racing event, open to under 16 novice riders only.
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Date Start Race name Classification Band Rider Cat Duration
3 Jun 13 18:30 Various grass track for under 16s Go-Ride Racing A, B, C, D, E, ...

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Event Location:

Boadicea Way,

Race: Various grass track for under 16s

Date Start Classification Band Rider Cat Duration
3 Jun 13 18:30 Go-Ride Racing --- A, B, C, D, E, N/A ---

Provisional Results

Event Results.

These results are including your TT time. Please note this doesnt mean your placing is wrong as it added together with your result from the other race. Just thought you would all like to know your times.

Medals will be awarded at the next event on the 24th June.

Under 10’s

1st. Finley Macbrayne 17.75secs

2nd. Daniel Hall 18.78secs

3rd. Theo Warren 21.3secs

=4th. Marcus Thurston 23.63secs

=4th. Zoe Swainston 21.16secs

=6th. Holly Devlin 21.1secs

=6th. Amelia Hopper 21.91secs

=8th. Adam Gilbert 22.16secs

=8th. Sammy Crowther 24.87secs

=8th. Oliver Welstead 24secs

=11th. Aeddan Seaward 24secs

=11th. Tom Carlson 22.97secs

=13th. Alannah Boone 29.03secs

=13th. Patrick Doughty 24.4secs

=13th. Jacob Saunders 26.16secs

=13th. Tara Bygrave 29secs

=13th. Isla Swainston 32.2secs

=13th.Jack Letch 26.9secs

=13th. William Morrison 30.94secs

=13th. Josh White 32.4secs

21st. Max Rethman

Under 12’s

1st. Jonah Varella 37.47secs

2nd. Oliver Partner 38.94secs

3rd. Alex Bygrave 37secs

4th. Silas Warren 38.9secs

5th. Thomas White 38.9secs

6th. Ellie-May Pledger 45.2secs

=7th. Joe Crowther 42.5secs

=7th. Jack Ping 57.4secs

Under 16’s

1st. Bob Longstaff 31secs
2nd. Robert Mercer 32.2secs
3rd. Joseph Boone 33.6secs
4th. Robert Smith 33secs
=5th. Callum Nailer 37.6secs

=5th. Jordan West 33.53secs

=7th. Ellie Duley 38.1secs

=7th. Louie Forester 39.6secs