The Tommo Sportive

Cycle Sportive , Derbyshire – Sunday, 14 Sep 2014

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Start Date:

Sun, 14th Sep 2014

Event Type:

Cycle Sportive (Non-Competitive)


Carsington Water, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 1ST
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Event Overview

Run in memory of one of our regular event competitors John ‘Tommo’ Thompsonthis popular sportive is now in its third year and offers routes of 127km, 78km and 47km.

Starting and finishing from the scenic and family friendly Carsington Water in the southern Peak District the cycling heads out via the market town of Ashbourne into the White Peak and The Staffordshire Moorlands – the 127km long route takes in some classic Tour of Britain climbs – Ramshorn (Cat 2), Gun Hill (Cat 1) and Cromford Hill (Cat 3) as well as the fearsome 22% ascents of both Riber Road (Matlock) and West End (Wirksworth) near the end of the route – the last 15/20km of the long/medium rides definitely have a sting in the tail!

The shorter route follows the long/medium routes to start with then heads into beautiful White Peak countryside around Ilam, Dovedale and Tissington.


Info for Riders

The third running of this popular sportive based in and around the White Peak and Staffordshire Moorlands on predominantly quiet roads and lanes i.e. we avoid main roads wherever possible. Route options: long 127km (78 miles) with 2465m of ascent including three superb climbs as used on the Tour of Britain; the medium route of 78km (48 miles) with 1394m of climb and short route of 47km (29 miles) with 739m of climb. There will be feed/drink stations en route with fruit, biscuits, gels, water & juice; electronic timing will be used with an instant results service at the finish. For a fully comprehensive event guide including technical climb information see http://darkwhitecycling.co.uk/tommo/ **ONLINE ENTRIES CLOSE AT MIDDAY ON FRIDAY - for late entries after that time please ring the event information line 01335 348603 or text 07970 278085**

The Rides

Date Start Ride name Grade BCG Ride length
14/09/14 07:45 127km - 125 km 4 308 1 laps / 125km / 78 miles
14/09/14 07:45 78km - 76 km 2 105 1 laps / 76km / 47 miles
14/09/14 07:45 47km - 44 km 1 32 1 laps / 44km / 27 miles

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Enter a Ride

Ride 127km
Date Start Distance BCG Est. Field Size
Sun 14/09/14 07:45 1 laps / 125km / 79m 308 100
Entry: Postal: (£27.50), On Day: (£27.50)
Ride 127km
Sun 14/09/14 - 07:45
1 laps / 125km / 79 miles
British Cycling Grading: 308
Est. Field Size: 100
Entry: Postal: (£27.50), On Day: (£27.50)
Ride 78km
Date Start Distance BCG Est. Field Size
Sun 14/09/14 07:45 1 laps / 76km / 48m 105 100
Entry: Postal: (£22.50), On Day: (£22.50)
Ride 78km
Sun 14/09/14 - 07:45
1 laps / 76km / 48 miles
British Cycling Grading: 105
Est. Field Size: 100
Entry: Postal: (£22.50), On Day: (£22.50)
Ride 47km
Date Start Distance BCG Est. Field Size
Sun 14/09/14 07:45 1 laps / 44km / 28m 32 100
Entry: Postal: (£20.00), On Day: (£20.00)
Ride 47km
Sun 14/09/14 - 07:45
1 laps / 44km / 28 miles
British Cycling Grading: 32
Est. Field Size: 100
Entry: Postal: (£20.00), On Day: (£20.00)

Report: The third Tommo Sportive

Posted 16/09/2014 - British Cycling

The best weather the Tommo has experienced over the three years. View Full Report

Summary of each climb of the Tommo

Posted 22/08/2014 - Adrian Boyes

Climbs of the Tommo Sportive


Length 6.5km/4miles

Average Gradient 3.4%

Elevation Gain 220m

Long/Medium routes

Unlike our previous three sportives the Tommo begins with some gentle rolling roads and the first climb doesn’t begin until you have passed the 21km mark. When it arrives it is relatively easy affair with the stiffest section coming approximately halfway up through the village of Ramshorn. Long route riders please make note that the road continues to ascend for several km’s after the medium route splits off beyond the official top of the climb.


Length 3.4km/2.1miles

Average Gradient 4.6%

Elevation Gain 158m

Short route

Tackled only by the short route riders, the ascent follows the initial km’s of the Ramshorn climb before splitting off at the village of Wootton. This is the only “official” climb of the short route but will be quite a test for any sportive newcomers with steep gradients up to 15%. Amazing views from the summit! From the top the short route rolls its way back to Carsington.

Gun Hill

Length 2.4km/1.5miles

Average Gradient 6.1%

Elevation Gain 151m

Long route

A Tour of Britain classic last used in 2012. Gun Hill contains quite a bang (pun intended..) with an extremely stiff section halfway up. With ramps up to and possibly beyond 20% in places it will have your legs screaming for mercy. The good news is it is not too long, the bad news is that it signals the start of a tough section of the route with a number of consecutive climbs.



Length 2.2km/1.4miles

Average Gradient 7.0%

Elevation Gain 154m

Long route

Following on from Gun Hill, Wincle is another tough climb. The climb begins once you pass the Wincle Brewery and it sets its stall out as steep climb right from the start. Take out the brief flat/descent section and the average gradient of the climb is much closer to 10%. Don’t go too hard at the beginning whilst the climb is relatively short - the final section out of the village of Wincle is tough to say the least and will require you to have saved some energy.


Length 2.8km/1.7miles

Average Gradient 4..2%

Elevation Gain 120m

Medium route

The second official climb of the medium route is a much shorter and sharper affair than the long steady Ramshorn. Very steep from the off the climb does not relent until the final km with gradients up to 18% in places. It will test the legs for sure and is a good warm up for the two final climbs of the route i.e. Cromford & Wirksworth. It will be tough for anybody not used to Peak District climbs however for the seasoned Dark & White sportive rider it should not be too much of a problem.


Length 0.8km/0.5miles

Average Gradient 9.1%

Elevation Gain 73m

Medium route

Climbs less than 1km don’t normally feature as a categorised climb, however if they are steep enough they do and Thorpe is one of them. A picturesque climb with stunning views of the surrounding hills & dales which quickly ascends up from the River Dove up through open land and on to Thorpe. Short enough for the stronger rider to power up and over however for the majority it will feel much longer than its distance belies.


Length 3.0km/1.9miles

Average Gradient 6.0%

Elevation Gain 181m

Long route

The climbs of the long route just keep coming thick and fast. Used as one of the 14 climbs of the Peak Epic sportive this ascent is unlikely to be a surprise to many. However for those that are new to it you are in for a treat. A beautiful climb winding up the valley to the highest village in Britain. With a relatively sustained gradient it is quite a manageable climb however be prepared as it will feel long compared to the last two climbs.



Length 1.2km/0.7miles

Average Gradient 8.8%

Elevation Gain 105m

Long route

A return to steep gradients! Crowdecote is one of those daunting looking climbs, as you descend down to the River Dove below it looks very imposing with all its hairpins in sight and it can appear much bigger and scarier than it actually is. Once you have ridden it a couple of times you realise whilst it is steep, especially on the hairpins, it is in fact very short. So don’t be frightened, the gradients will make your legs scream but it will be all over relatively quickly….  

Stanton in Peak

Length 1.7km/1.1miles

Average Gradient 9.3%

Elevation Gain 159m

Long route

The climb to Stanton in Peak may not be the most famous but that is no way down to its toughness. The first hairpin left really gives you a taste of what you’re in for. Once you reach the village itself the gradient really kicks up and once you leave the village behind it steepens even more as you climb up into the woods. This climb would be tough enough on its own but knowing that Riber lies just further down the road will force you to pace yourself.



Length 0.6km/0.4miles

Average Gradient 14.5%

Elevation Gain 87m

Long route

106km or 65 miles into the route and things are about to turn really ugly. We have only categorised the Riber Road section of the ascent but in reality you will have climbed for 1km from Matlock Green before the road ramps up and the official climb begins. I am sure you will come up with your own expletives to describe this climb so all we can really say is be prepared to be climbing at walking pace and for some be prepared to be walking!!!


Length 3.3km/2miles

Average Gradient 12%

Elevation Gain 141m

Medium route

Back to the medium route, the fourth of six climbs and a return to steady long climbs. We have  made the official climb 3.3km but you will be ascending gently for about 1km before. There is a short steep section where the roads carves its way up through the hillside, it then continues at around 6-7% as the landscape opens up before a final pitch takes you up to the High Peak Trail where the gradient reaches about 10%. 

Cromford Hill

Length 1.7km/1.1miles

Average Gradient 7.9%

Elevation Gain 133m

Long/Medium route

Back when it was called the Milk Race Cromford Hill was frequently used during the Tour of Britain. Steep at the beginning through the historic world heritage site of Cromford (not that you will be caring too much about Arkwright’s legacy at this point) it does level off to some degree but only marginally. Look out for the High Peak Trail bridge crossing the road and that’s the summit. One climb left to go now…. 



Length 2.3km/1.4miles

Average Gradient 7.0%

Elevation Gain 161m

Long/Medium route

The second climb in quick succession is quite a bit nastier than Cromford Hill - with gradients up to and beyond 20% this climb really does provide one nasty sting in the tail for both the Tommo long & medium routes. The steepest section winding up through the houses is out of the way pretty early on but don’t be fooled into thinking it gets easy from there. The gradient hardly lets up with one brief section of easy gradient before it kicks up again to the top. A tough finale and one that will get even the strongest of legs turning to jelly.

View Full Report

John Tommo Thompson Memorial

Posted 03/07/2014 - British Cycling

In memory of a well loved and regular cycling event competitor John ‘Tommo’ Thompson View Full Report

Dark and White Cycling 2014 Sportive Series is launched

Posted 10/02/2014 - British Cycling

Four sportive series touring the Peak District View Full Report

Provisional Results

Surname First name Age Category Meersbrook Youlgreave Finishing Time
Medium Adams Josh Male 17/39 N/A N/A 03:09:57
Medium Allsop Nigel Paul SVMale 50/59 N/A N/A 03:39:11
Medium Aston James Male 17/39 N/A N/A 03:28:36
Short Atkins Robert Vet Male 40/49 N/A N/A 02:51:10
Long Baddeley Guy SVM 50/59 02:00:23 04:37:29 07:01:36
Medium Barton Gary SVMale 50/59 N/A N/A 05:49:44
Medium Binns Andy Vet Male 40/49 N/A N/A 04:15:44
Long Blogg Andrew M 17/39 01:58:39 04:25:46 06:41:14
Long Bonser Brian VM 40/49 01:51:56 04:08:28 06:08:53
Medium Boulton Mat Vet Male 40/49 N/A N/A 02:55:25
Long Boyd James M 17/39 01:58:56 04:26:00 06:41:24
Medium Bradbury Richard Vet Male 40/49 N/A N/A 03:42:51
Long Bramley Wesley M 17/39 01:58:09 04:29:38 06:59:03
Long Bramley Steven VM 40/49 01:58:01 04:29:23 06:58:55
Long Broughton Stephen VM 40/49 01:44:14 03:47:56 05:37:37
Long Brown Matthew M 17/39 01:43:50 03:30:49 05:04:30
Medium Brownell John SVMale 50/59 N/A N/A 03:21:03
Medium Bryant Mark Male 17/39 N/A N/A 03:12:37
Long Bull Martin SVM 50/59 01:36:38 03:30:00 05:19:33
Medium Caldwell Barry Vet Male 40/49 N/A N/A 03:33:38
Medium Chaplais Paul Male 60+ N/A N/A 04:24:11
Long Chesney Andy M 17/39 01:42:03 04:32:45 07:42:42
Medium Clarke Matthew Vet Male 40/49 N/A N/A 02:55:05
Medium Clifford Ross Male 17/39 N/A N/A 03:38:50
Medium Clifford John Male 60+ N/A N/A 03:38:44
Long Cooke Matt M 17/39 01:44:46 04:15:42 06:12:40
Long Cooper Richard VM 40/49 02:01:05 04:31:52 06:40:50
Medium Cooper Paul Male 17/39 N/A N/A 03:39:01
Long Coote Stewart VM 40/49 01:50:43 04:08:40 06:07:24
Long Cope Malcolm Male 60+ 02:07:39 04:58:29 07:25:15
Medium Cotton John Male 17/39 N/A N/A 03:53:40
Medium Cotton Katie Female 17/39 N/A N/A 03:53:36
Medium Cowper Shona Female 17/39 N/A N/A 04:39:49
Medium Craddock Guy Male 17/39 N/A N/A 03:45:53
Long Crick Richard SVM 50/59 01:59:51 04:11:08 06:04:38
Medium Crick Sara Vet Women 40/49 N/A N/A 04:03:15
Long Crouch Mark VM 40/49 01:42:18 03:38:14 05:20:04
Long De Faye Roger Male 60+ 01:47:24 03:49:15 05:37:58
Medium De Faye Clare Female 60+ N/A N/A 04:00:12
Short Dhawan Alex Male 17/39 N/A N/A 03:30:39
Short Dhawan Ellen Vet Women 40/49 N/A N/A 03:30:34
Medium Dicken Graham Vet Male 40/49 N/A N/A 04:13:09
Long Dix Matt VM 40/49 01:54:25 04:24:24 06:42:34
Short Dixon Rob Vet Male 40/49 N/A N/A 02:06:04
Long Dobby Louise F 17/39 01:49:31 03:55:06 05:46:17
Short Doorbar Ron Male 60+ N/A N/A 02:43:55
Long Elkin Chris VM 40/49 01:44:19 03:48:16 05:39:00
Short Evans Jessica Female 17/39 N/A N/A 04:54:51
Medium Faulks Terry Vet Male 40/49 N/A N/A 03:49:29
Long Fern Jim M 17/39 01:44:34 04:15:32 06:12:18
Medium Ford Matthew Female 17/39 N/A N/A 03:44:46
Missed Feedstation Ford Steven Male 17/39 N/A N/A 02:06:04
Medium Forrester Jan Female 60+ N/A N/A 03:25:53
Medium Fox Jan SVWomen 50/59 N/A N/A 05:01:56
Medium Fox Sue SVWomen 50/59 N/A N/A 05:02:29
Medium Freestone Richard Male 60+ N/A N/A 04:02:52
Long Fung Yuknam VM 40/49 02:10:29 04:41:23 06:49:09
Long Garforth David VM 40/49 01:53:58 04:05:25 06:01:52
Medium Good Rachel Vet Women 40/49 N/A N/A 05:49:50
Medium Goodman Christian Male 17/39 N/A N/A 04:13:14
Long Gordon-Weeks Alex M 17/39 01:48:00 04:26:06 06:39:17
Long Graham Len Male 60+ 01:57:22 04:28:18 07:04:12
Long Grant Duncan M 17/39 01:37:47 03:28:05 04:57:41
Missed Feedstation Greenwood Richard VM 40/49 DND DND 02:37:28
Long Gregory Steven VM 40/49 01:41:29 03:51:10 05:55:02
Medium Griffiths Peter Male 17/39 N/A N/A 03:44:36
Medium Griffiths Mark Male 17/39 N/A N/A 03:53:27
Medium Hanstock Michael Male 60+ N/A N/A 03:50:09
Long Harrison Malcolm VM 40/49 01:53:22 04:01:53 05:54:46
Long Harrison David SVM 50/59 01:53:11 04:01:50 05:54:36
Missed Feedstation Higgs Elliott M 17/39 01:57:40 DND 05:44:07
Medium Hogan Jim Vet Male 40/49 N/A N/A 03:37:09
Long Hopper Ed M 17/39 01:32:04 03:15:07 04:51:20
Medium Hutton Joanne Vet Women 40/49 N/A N/A 04:31:00
Medium Hutton Simon SVMale 50/59 N/A N/A 04:31:03
Medium Ivory David SVMale 50/59 N/A N/A 02:53:32
Medium Jackson John Male 17/39 N/A N/A 03:14:21
Long Jacques Thomas M 17/39 01:39:30 03:40:05 05:33:29
Medium Johnston Lisa Female 17/39 N/A N/A 05:03:51
Short Jones Martyn Male 17/39 N/A N/A 04:54:48
Long Joughin Ben M 17/39 01:55:23 04:08:17 06:05:46
Long Kerr Simon SVM 50/59 01:56:05 04:27:50 06:52:21
Long Kitchen Richard M 17/39 01:52:47 04:18:47 06:39:23
Long Knott James VM 40/49 01:53:59 04:09:39 06:04:56
Missed Feedstation Knott Ian Male 60+ 02:08:37 DND 07:32:38
Short Knott Andy Vet Male 40/49 N/A N/A 02:40:18
Long Krassowski Mark VM 40/49 02:04:27 04:41:28 07:14:15
Long Latham Shane M 17/39 01:55:17 04:08:14 06:05:44
Medium Latham Rebecca Vet Women 40/49 N/A N/A 04:55:26
Medium Lauchlan Adrian SVMale 50/59 N/A N/A 04:15:32
Medium Laxton Martha Vet Women 40/49 N/A N/A 03:42:19
Short Laxton-Kane Ryan Male 17/39 N/A N/A 02:06:52
Short Laxton-Kane Chris Vet Male 40/49 N/A N/A 02:06:44
Missed Feedstation Le Grice Craig Male 17/39 N/A N/A 02:05:59
Medium Lester Leigh Vet Male 40/49 N/A N/A 03:13:40
Medium Lingwood Paul Male 60+ N/A N/A 04:00:27
Long Loraine Steven SVM 50/59 01:48:18 03:52:41 05:37:37
Long Lowe Ben VM 40/49 01:55:46 03:48:57 05:17:59
Long Lowe Anthony VM 40/49 01:56:32 03:49:45 05:18:46
Long Lowe Mark VM 40/49 02:05:20 04:24:12 06:38:08
Long Lynam Jake M 17/39 01:30:55 03:51:51 05:43:37
Medium Lynam Stephen SVMale 50/59 N/A N/A 04:01:15
Long Manning Lucas M 17/39 01:34:27 03:32:37 05:10:26
Long Manning Nathaniel M 17/39 01:34:33 03:32:52 05:14:33
Long Manning John SVM 50/59 01:34:45 03:32:57 05:10:38
Long Marples Ian VM 40/49 01:55:02 04:14:39 06:21:08
Long McDowell Mark VM 40/49 01:54:13 05:01:24 07:31:46
Long Miligan Alan M 17/39 01:42:50 05:18:25 06:59:57
Long Morris Rick SVM 50/59 01:55:48 03:49:00 05:20:18
Long Mosley Rob M 17/39 02:10:09 05:08:26 08:15:39
Long Moss David VM 40/49 02:14:59 05:00:41 07:52:01
Long Nadin Colin M 17/39 01:41:21 03:51:10 05:44:12
Medium Newton Chris Vet Male 40/49 N/A N/A 04:12:42
Medium O'Gorman Trish Female 17/39 N/A N/A 05:02:02
Medium Ollerenshaw Craig Vet Male 40/49 N/A N/A 03:14:19
Long Osbourne Mark VM 40/49 01:39:30 03:40:04 05:33:40
Medium Page Michael SVMale 50/59 N/A N/A 03:02:56
Long Pallett Lloyd M 17/39 01:48:30 03:43:21 05:24:07
Medium Palterman Dominic Male 17/39 N/A N/A 03:20:44
Long Pearson Mark M 17/39 01:49:06 04:14:49 06:25:10
Missed Feedstation Pedley Simon SVM 50/59 01:47:47 DND 08:10:37
Long Pringle Ian M 17/39 02:04:52 04:24:22 06:39:01
Medium Pryor Alex Male 60+ N/A N/A 04:29:12
Short Raine Niko Male 17/39 N/A N/A 02:06:25
Medium Rawlins Matthew Male 17/39 N/A N/A 02:58:36
Medium Raynard Alex Male 17/39 N/A N/A 03:05:27
Medium Raynard Angus SVMale 50/59 N/A N/A 03:05:27
Short Rechert Karl SVMale 50/59 N/A N/A 02:06:43
Medium Robinson-Smith David Vet Male 40/49 N/A N/A 03:04:24
Medium Ross Ewen Male 17/39 N/A N/A 03:02:48
Long Sadler Peter VM 40/49 02:14:50 05:00:30 07:51:51
Long Sanby Robert SVM 50/59 01:57:10 04:26:42 06:19:59
Short Scarratt Adam Male 17/39 N/A N/A 01:58:23
Medium Sheridan Siobhan SVWomen 50/59 N/A N/A 03:22:04
Medium Sherrard Colin SVMale 50/59 N/A N/A 04:18:56
Long Sleath Martin Male 60+ 02:08:06 05:09:38 07:42:03
Missed Feedstation Sleath Dave Male 60+ 01:54:33 DND 06:39:11
Long Smith Andrew M 17/39 01:54:31 04:24:41 06:42:40
Long Stefan Paul VM 40/49 01:56:15 04:02:29 05:55:14
Long Swain Ben M 17/39 01:45:30 03:54:15 05:47:18
Long Swindells Anthony M 17/39 01:57:35 04:10:39 06:08:12
Long Taylor Simon VM 40/49 01:51:42 04:15:15 06:23:44
Medium Taylor Ronald SVMale 50/59 N/A N/A 03:25:05
Long Tebbutt-Smith Andrew VM 40/49 01:52:00 04:08:33 06:08:55
Medium Thompson Dan Male 17/39 N/A N/A 02:55:03
Long Turner Simon SVM 50/59 02:01:16 04:32:00 06:40:58
Long Walker Chris SVW 50/59 01:46:52 04:07:44 06:15:01
Medium Walker Glyn Vet Male 40/49 N/A N/A 04:55:14
Long Ward Richard M 17/39 02:17:15 06:30:59 08:23:56
Medium Watts Chris Vet Male 40/49 N/A N/A 03:37:14
Medium Watts Chris SVMale 50/59 N/A N/A 03:22:00
Short West Jacob Male 17/39 N/A N/A 02:50:59
Short West David Vet Male 40/49 N/A N/A 02:50:52
Medium Wherry Stephen Male 60+ N/A N/A 04:27:30
Long Whiting Andrew VM 40/49 02:04:59 04:18:19 06:21:35
Medium Williamson Andrew Male 17/39 N/A N/A 04:20:08
Short Williamson Ben Male 17/39 N/A N/A 01:57:26
Medium Woodhouse Chris Vet Male 40/49 N/A N/A 04:13:46
Long Young Andy VM 40/49 01:56:14 04:02:29 05:55:04


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