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Chapter II is now two years old. Est: October 2015

Our primary aim is to create club rides in North birmingham for children and youth. 2017 was a very successful year for us and we now have twenty regular riders from the age of 8 to 16. We also very much welcome adults that are looking pride themselves on smart riding or are new and want to learn more.

We have four rides that take place every Saturday.

Foundation leaves: Streetly village at 8:10am (April to October only) this
Academy Starter Group leaves: Parson and Clerk, Chester Road B74 at 8:00am
Academy Mains Group leaves: Parson and Clerk, Chester Road B74 at 8:00am
Development Ride leaves: Parson and Clerk, Chester Road B74 at 7:30am

April to October a 16 mile ride for riders of age 8+ where we ask for the child to be accompanied by an adult. We leave Streetly village at 8:10am and finish our ride in Sutton Coldfield at Under Pressure at 10:30am. A super ride which also welcomes adults that are new to cycling.In 2018 this will be split into two groups.

Our second ride is our Academy. The first group in the academy is the Starter group where we teach our youngsters strong group riding skills on a road ride that leaves Parson and Clark at 8:00am and is approx 36 miles at between 12-13mph this ride subject to no extreme weather conditions runs 12 months a year. The ride finishes at our HQ which is Under Pressure Espresso in Sutton Coldfield town Centre.

Our third ride is again in our academy which is called The Main group, this ride again leaves the Parson and Clark at 8:00 am and is approx. 42 miles at a pace of 16-17mph again this ride runs 12 months a year subject to no extreme weather conditions. The ride finishes at our HQ which is Under Pressure Espresso in Sutton Coldfield town Centre.

Our final ride is a very smart and more pacey Development Ride which leaves The Parson and Clark at 7:30 am and finishes at Under Pressure Espresso in Sutton Coldfield Town Centre. Starting in the spring this ride prides itself on its strong organisation, it includes advanced skills for our youth academy with sections of through and off, two all out climbs up Maxstoke and a sprint section. For the winter November to March the ride concentrates on tight group riding at 18-19mph for adults and youth looking for winter base miles.

A couple of do's and dont's on our ride, we absolutely pride ourselves on the quality of our rides, we have a reputation for all of our rides being tight right from our youngest riders, we have a philosophy at Chapter II that if you want to go fast then go and race but use our club as a hub to train and develop safely. We will take on all youth riders, that's what we are here to do but for it to work we also need adults and welcome them with open arms. New adult riders that are new to cycling and willing to learn how to ride within a club environment and learn exceptional group riding skills are very welcome.

Sorry we don't welcome half wheeling, surging, strava heads on our rides. it is a CLUB ride and we follow the old school values of cycling.

Want to join us message us through our page on facebook and we will add you to our closed page where we have a book in system for all of our rides to absolutely assure you of a great experience with us.

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