Action Replay: UCI BMX Supercross Chula Vista

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Miss the penultimate round of the UCI BMX Supercross LIVE from Chula Vista, America on September 19? Miss Marcus Bloomfield's first ever final appearance in an International event? Why worry! We've got the full action replay of the event so you'll miss nothing, and comment from Grant White - Britain's chief BMX Coach.

Check out the coverage above, then take a read of Grant White's view of the night:

"The track here was a replica of the 2008 Olympic track, and all the top BMX athletes from around the world were here. This really was a big stage race!

Marcus rode fantastic in almost all races tonight.....but especially when it counted to qualify for the final.

Marcus made his first World Cup/Supercross final tonight (first ever by a GB BMX male athlete).
Unfortunately Marcus hit the gate in the final, and thus finished 8th.


But the semi-final performance really showed us what Marcus is physically capable of at the present time..........we just need to continue to work on a few things to ensure this comes out all the time.

Things are certainly continuing to progress, however we're under no illusion that there's much, much more work to be done yet. We're ticking the progression along all the time though.

Unfortunately Liam Phillips crashed in his first 1/8th final (which run 3 times) and injured his hand/wrist and was unable to compete any further in the event. There is the possibility of a broken bone in Liam's hand / wrist however we're unsure at this time.

That's it for the latest with the BMX programme.

Thanks to you all for your continued support.

Grant White