Your guide to the Welsh Cycling Project 2018 Programme

Your guide to the Welsh Cycling Project 2018 Programme


Welsh Cycling's Project 2018 is a new inititaive of the Welsh Cycling Performance Programme to develop a larger group of riders with the necessary skills to progress on the development pathway.


To develop a larger pool of bike riders gaining the necessary race skills to progress through the development pathway. This will result in a group of riders who are capable of winning or contributing to medal-winning performances at Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.


To work with the clubs and club coaches, to help provide a variety of cycling activities that children between the ages of 12-16 can experience.

Opportunities will be available to try a wide range of cycling disciplines offering youngsters the chance to experience all aspects of the sport.

This will enable them to develop as well-rounded bike riders, with the skills to compete across multi-disciplines. It aims to help youngsters find the disciplines that they enjoy the most, and are best suited to.


Project 2018 will work with the clubs to provide quality weekly sessions for youth riders. Weekday sessions will be run by the clubs with support from the Project 2018 Co-Ordinator.

Thursday-night track session

A Thursday night track session at Newport Velodrome will be the pinnacle for all youth bike riders who have reached the required standard. 

This is a Project 2018 session run by Welsh Cycling coaching staff, and will enable youngsters to learn race skills for all of the main track cycling disciplines.

Weekend sessions

On Saturdays, youth riders will take part in cycling activities organised by Welsh Cycling, as well as educational workshops.

On Sundays, youth riders will be encouraged to take part in club activities, whether it be cyclo-cross races, club runs or any other cycling activity.


A series of races will also be developed across the Commonwealth Games disciplines of track, road and mountain bike. This aims to give youngsters a taste of local and regular, quality racing, across all disciplines. Riders will have to compete in all events to be eligible for an overall prize.

Selection for racing at higher levels

Project 2018 teams will be taken to selected national and international level races for the purposes of development and learning. The selection for these races will be via a selection panel consisting of performance staff.

It is not compulsory for children to take part in specific activities or sessions. It is down to the choice of the individual.

Club development

Welsh Cycling is keen to work with our clubs, and help as many as possible to develop activities with a youth element, in order to provide children with a variety of opportunities across the different disciplines.

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For information on Welsh Cycling’s Project 2018 please contact:

Ian Jenkins
Welsh Cycling