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Welsh Cycling is supported by the following organisations: 

Funding Partner

Limar Helmets

Limar have come onboard as our Official Helmet Partner and have produced a Welsh inspired Air Road Speed helmet which is worn by our Wales Racing Academy riders.


For those who are trying to stick to a training plan during this time of lockdown we’re pleased to be able to offer only to the first 100 riders 28 days of training for free (normally 14 days). You can sign up here – The cost of SPOK’D is £9.99 p/m, which saves over £100 compared to an online cycling coach. (Ci4C)

Welsh Cycling are pleased to announce a partnership with (Ci4C) who is the only UK car insurance provider to take your cycling experience into account when you drive your car.

To find out how much you could save on your car insurance, please call Ci4C FREE on 0800 819 9319 or visit to obtain your quotation. Also, if your car insurance is not yet due, you can leave your renewal month and Ci4C will contact you at the appropriate time.