Go Ride Wales Schools Cycling

Go Ride Wales Schools Cycling


Welsh Cycling are working towards growing the number of schools involved in cycling in Wales. Along with our partners, we want to see more young people involved in cycling and we believe that schools present a great environment to introduce and support young people to cycling.

Welsh Cycling’s go-ride programme offers schools the perfect programme to introduce children to the sport of cycling in a fun & safe manor through a progressive programme of sessions that develop the core skills of cycling as well as introducing them to smaller versions of the sport all within the grounds of the school.

Go-Ride School Clubs

Go-Ride school clubs are all about getting more young people into cycling. These clubs provide high quality coaching activities, delivered in a traffic-free environment.

Each school club must have a British Cycling qualified Coach to run the coaching sessions. This can either be an external British Cycling qualified coach (e.g. from a local community club), or a qualified teacher who has attended one of British Cycling's coaching courses. The sessions can be run as either an after-school club, or during curriculum PE.

Teachers completing the Coaching Cycling for Schools (previously known as the ACAT) will be provided with Go-Ride Gears Coaching Workbooks, which outline various activities and skills tests relevant to the age and ability of the group in question. The workbook series consists of seven distinct levels or gears. Each Go-Ride Gears activity can be adjusted to make it easier or harder, depending on the age and ability of the participants. As such, your school will be able to choose from over 100 different coaching activities, ensuring that sessions never get boring or repetitive. For further information on the course please click here. 

Linking with a Go-Ride club can benefit your school by:

  • Providing appropriate opportunities for further development and participation for young people
  • Contributing towards your school's adherence to the government’s 5 Hour Offer
  • Bringing cycling to a wider range of young people
  • Meeting aspects of the 'Every Child Matters' agenda
  • Helping to develop competition officials for major school events through our Cycling Award for Young Volunteers (CAYV)
  • Optimising the provision of coaching expertise and leadership in cycling at school level

Go-Ride and the School Games
School Games Challenge and Competition cards for primary and secondary schools can be downloaded using the links below.

Level 1 Primary Challenge
Level 1 Primary Competition
Level 1 Secondary
Level 2 & 3 Primary & Secondary (pages 1-5)
Level 2 & 3 Primary & Secondary (pages 6-11)

What is the next step?
If you are interested in becoming a Go-Ride School Club, please contact your local Development officer for more information.