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Welsh Cycling announce team to compete at 50th Sint Martinusprijs Kontich

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Published: 4 July 2013

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Welsh Cycling has announced a team of five junior riders who will compete this weekend at the 50th Sint Martinusprijs stage race in Belgium.

Welsh Cycling Junior Programme athletes Owen James, Joseph Wiltshire, Gwyn Lovibind, Stephen Williams and Robbie Westwood will represent Wales at the four day race constructed of five stages, including individual and team time trials.

Stephen Williams recently set a course record on the Individual Time Trial at the Ras de Cymru, with Owen James finishing fourth overall in the 6-stage race.

Full report and results from 50th Sint Martinusprijs, Konitch will be posted online after the event.


Owen James
Gwyn Lovibond
Robbie Westwood
Stephen Williams
Joseph Wiltshire

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