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Location: National Velodrome, Newport, Wales
Event: 15 September 2012
Report and photos: Guy Swarbrick

Day two of the Inter Regional Track Championships began with the Keirin competition which saw some familiar faces progressing through to the final.

The South East’s Jack Hoyle, the South’s Thomas Scammell and Yorkshire’s Leon Gledhill were joined by Tom Rotherham and Christian Braybrooke of the North West and Jack King of the West Midlands. With a lap to go yesterday’s Sprint winner Hoyle was fourth with, apparently, nowhere to go but fought his way through to take another good win.

The Girls final had a less familiar look to it, though with Sprint winner Hannah Blount - representing the East Midlands – joined by Lucy Harper of Eastern region, Victoria Kinrade and Ellie Dickinson of the North West, Flora Gillies and Lulu Bartlett of Scotland, Abbie Dentus of Central and Emily Haycox of Wales. Blount dominated the race and sat up half way down the home straight, such was the margin of her victory. The race for second was much closer with Harper leading the charge for the line, flanked by Kinrade and Dickinson.

After the keirins came the two timed events with the 2km Individual Pursuits closing out the morning session and the 500m Time Trials opening the afternoon’s racing. Wales’ Jessica Roberts went inside the two minutes forty mark, clocking 2:39.136 but just missed out on a place in the Finals.

She was a second off the pace of Yorkshire’s Melissa Lowther on 2:38.288 who clinched her spot in the third-fourth races against Lucy Shaw of the West Midlands who set the third fastest qualifying time with a 2:35.042. The Final, though, was going to be an all East Midlands affair with Charlotte Broughton – 2:34.285 – facing Grace Garner – who clocked a Championship Record 2:34.285.

Both Finals went to form. Lowther couldn’t get close to her earlier time, clocking 2:46.841 while Shaw was also slower, but only 2 seconds and easily took third place with a 2:37.211. The times in the Final were also a fraction off the earlier pace but the result was the same – Garner clocking 2:35.691 to take the win from Broughton on 2:36.030.

The Boys competition saw the leading places change with almost every heat in the second half of the competition. Six riders went under 2:25 – Harry Crew and James Shaw of the East Midlands just missing out on a second ride – and separated by only a thousandth of a second – on 2:34.685 and 2:34.686! Charlie Tanfield of the North East took the advantage in to the 3rd-4th place Final with Levi Moody of Yorkshire – Tanfield just over a second and a half ahead of Moody on 2:21.546. The Final, though, would be between Matthew Gibson of the North West who topped qualifying with a 2:19.869 and Joe Evans of the West Midlands who was half a second clear of Tanfield with a 2:21.072.

There are times when a rider pulls off a surprise in a Pursuit Final, recovering better than his opponent and leapfrogging him in the second ride. Not today. Again, the short recovery period – both rides took place in the morning session – saw most of the times drop off. Tanfield’s 2:22.268 was three quarters of a second down but good enough to see off Moody, whose 2:23.903 was nearly two seconds off his previous pace. Evans’ time of 2:21.072 was three quarters of a second down on his qualifying time, too but Gibson… Well, nobody seemed to have told Matthew Gibson that recovery would be an issue. He shaved over a quarter of a second off his qualifying time to take the win for the North West with a time of 2:19.585.

The afternoon began with the 500m and saw Jack Hoyle’s bid for a clean sweep in the Sprint competitions derailed. Every single rider went under 40 seconds – Richie Allan of the North East by a mere 0.005 seconds – but six went under 37 seconds. Henry Dawson of Central led briefly on 36.790 but he was pipped to 5th place – by 0.004 seconds – by Tom Rotherham of the North West. Joseph Truman of the South took 4th with a 36.228 with Ethan Lee of the West Midlands almost half a second up on 35.882 in 3rd place. The final heat saw Hoyle pitched against Truman’s team mate Thomas Scammell and it was the South rider that took the win by a quarter of a second – clocking 35.098 to Hoyle’s 35.286.

The East Midlands Girls continued their fine form and we did see a clean sweep in the Sprints competitions this time with Hannah Blount setting a new Championship Record of 36.997 – to beat Shaw – who, remember, had taken third place in the Individual Pursuit just over an hour earlier – into second place. Shaw’s 38.205 was a second up on Ellie Dickinson who took third for the North West.

By the start of the Madison, the East Midlands Girls had won all but two of the events – taking second in the other two – so Grace Garner and Charlotte Broughton were always favourites for a podium. The manner of their victory was something else, though, taking all four sprints to finish 11 points clear of the Easter duo of Lucy Harper and Bethany Hayward, who took second place in three of the sprints. Third went to the West Midlands pairing of Paige Millward and Angela Eggleton on 7 points.

A later stages of a frantic Boys Madison were interrupted by a nasty crash involving Levi Moody of Yorkshire, who crashed heavily on his hip and was unable to continue – leaving partner Leon Gledhill to continue on alone. The Yorkshire duo were lying second at the time – albeit too far behind to catch winners Max Stedman and Ben Chapman of Central.

Stedman and Chapman didn’t quite dominate in the way Garner and Broughton had, but two wins, a second and a third were easily enough to give them the win. With Yorkshire effectively out, the battle for second and third was a fierce one with West Midlands duo of Joe Evans and Jacob Kelly eventually edging out Harry Crew and James Shaw of the East Midlands by two points.

The paracycling tandem competition also saw a ‘keirin’ time trial with a single tandem paced behind the motorbike and then released for two flying laps. The pacing was certainly effective – the times were seven or eight seconds quicker than the traditional standing start 500m Time Trial later in the day. Sophie Thornhill & Megan Boyd continued their fine form for the North West and took the win with a 31.432 from the East Midlands duo Joe Widdowson & Marcus Partridge on 32.121 with their team mates Jack Garner & Matt Waters taking third.

Garner and Waters finally broke Thornhill & Boyd’s run in the standing start 500m – pushing them into second with a 37.831 with Widdowson & Partridge third. The North West pair still lead the Omnium competition by three points from Garner & Waters.

After Day 2 the East Midlands lead their neighbours the West Midlands and the North West – tied in second - by 9 points with the South East and Yorkshire 31 points off the lead. With only four events remaining – Boys and Girls Team Pursuit and Team Sprint – the occupants of the three podium spots looks as though they are probably decided. The order they line up on the podium is still very much up for grabs.


Boys Keirin
1 Thomas Scammell South 12.709
2 Christian Braybrooke North West
3 Ethan Lee West Midlands
4 Karl Baillie East Midlands
5 Luke Morgan Central
6 Theo Doncaster Eastern

1 Jack Hoyle South East 12.325
2 Struan McInness Yorkshire
3 Tomos Owens Wales
4 Scott Auld North East
5 Ricky Parsons South West
DNF 86 Sean Noon Scotland

1 Leon Gledhill Yorkshire 12.355
2 Jack King East Midlands
3 Joe Holt Wales
4 Henry Dawson Central
5 Jack Plumley Eastern
6 Richie Allan North East

1 Thomas Rotherham North West 12.112
2 Joseph Truman South
3 Oliver Moors South East
4 Jack Escrit West Midlands
5 Hamish Carrick Scotland
6 Tom Baylis South West

Semi Finals
1 Ricky Parsons South West 12.280
2 Karl Baillie East Midlands
3 Jack Escrit West Midlands
4 Jack Plumley Eastern
5 Richie Allan North East

1 Henry Dawson Central 12.845
2 Theo Doncaster Eastern
3 Hamish Carrick Scotland
4 Scott Auld North East
5 Tom Baylis South West
6 Luke Morgan Central REL

1 Thomas Rotherham North West 12.010
2 Jack King East Midlands
3 Thomas Scammell South
4 Joe Holt Wales
5 Tomos Owens Wales
6 Struan McInness Yorkshire

1 Jack Hoyle South East 11.959
2 Leon Gledhill Yorkshire
3 Christian Braybrooke North West
4 Oliver Moors South East
5 Joseph Truman South
6 Ethan Lee West Midlands REL

1 Jack Hoyle South East 12.038
2 Leon Gledhill Yorkshire
3 Christian Braybrooke North West
4 Thomas Scammell South
5 Jack King East Midlands
6 Thomas Rotherham North West

7 Joseph Truman South 12.332
8 Joe Holt Wales
9 Ethan Lee West Midlands
10 Oliver Moors South East
11 Struan McInness Yorkshire
12 Tomos Owens Wales

13 Henry Dawson Central 12.598
14 Ricky Parsons South West
15 Jack Escrit West Midlands
16 Hamish Carrick Scotland
17 Karl Baillie East Midlands
18 Theo Doncaster Eastern

19 Jack Plumley Eastern 12.700
20 Tom Baylis South West
21 Luke Morgan Central
22 Scott Auld North East
23 Richie Allan North East

Girls Keirin
1 Hannah Blount East Midlands 13.550
2 Abbie Dentus Central
3 Abi Van-Twisk South East
4 Jess Watts North East
5 Francesca Morgan-Slader Eastern

1 Lucy Harper Eastern 13.527
2 Ellie Dickinson North West
3 Lulu Bartlett Scotland
4 Lauren O’Brien Yorkshire
5 Kirsty Boak North East

1 Flora Gillies Scotland 13.994
2 Victoria Kinrade North West
3 Emily Haycox Wales
4 Hester Stembridge South West
5 Sophie Taylor South
6 Paige Millward West Midlands REL

1 Emily Haycox Wales 13.780
2 Paige Millward West Midlands
3 Abi Van-Twisk South East
4 Lauren O’Brien Yorkshire
5 Kirsty Boak North East

1 Lulu Bartlett Scotland 14.118
2 Francesca Morgan-Slader Eastern
3 Hester Stembridge South West
4 Jess Watts North East
5 Sophie Taylor South

1 Hannah Blount East Midlands 13.002
2 Lucy Harper Eastern
3 Victoria Kinrade North West
4 Ellie Dickinson North West
5 Flora Gillies Scotland
6 Abbie Dentus Central
7 Emily Haycox Wales
8 Lulu Bartlett Scotland
9 Lauren O’Brien Yorkshire 13.925
10 Paige Millward West Midlands
11 Abi Van-Twisk South East
12 Kirsty Boak North East
13 Francesca Morgan-Slader Eastern
14 Sophie Taylor South
15 Hester Stembridge South West
16 Jess Watts North East

Boys 2km Individual Pursuit
1 Matthew Gibson North West 2:19.869
2 Joe Evans West Midlands 2:21.072
3 Charlie Tanfield North East 2:21.546
4 Levi Moody Yorkshire 2:23.146
5 Harry Crew East Midlands 2:23.685
6 James Shaw East Midlands 2:23.686
7 Jacob Kelly West Midlands 2:25.014
8 Tristan Robbins South 2:25.248
9 Ben Chapman Central 2:25.704
10 Joe Fry Eastern 2:26.760
11 Joe Wiltshire Wales 2:28.496
12 Louis Magnani South East 2:28.611
13 Fabio Close North West 2:28.823
14 Harrison Fielding South 2:29.314
15 Rhys Britton Wales 2:29.901
16 Joey Walker Yorkshire 2:30.374
17 Stuart Balfour Scotland 2:31.460
18 James Trott South West 2:32.083
19 Louis Modell Eastern 2:32.152
20 Joel Kelly South West 2:32.243
21 Zak Loney Scotland 2:33.610
22 Max Stedman Central 2:34.070
23 Hisham Al-Ramah South East 2:34.265
24 Jake Dobson North East 2:39.605

1 Matthew Gibson North West 2:19.585
2 Joe Evans West Midlands 2:21.844
3 Charlie Tanfield North East 2:22.268
4 Levi Moody Yorkshire 2:23.903

Girls 2km Individual Pursuit
1 Grace Garner East Midlands 2:34.285 CR
2 Charlotte Broughton East Midlands 2:35.867
3 Lucy Shaw West Midlands 2:36.042
4 Melissa Lowther Yorkshire 2:38.288
5 Jessica Roberts Wales 2:39.136
6 Megan Barker Wales 2:40.170
7 Bethany Hayward Eastern 2:42.222
8 Elizabeth Holden North West 2:42.364
9 Abbi Mae Parkinson Yorkshire 2:43.496
10 Angela Eggleton West Midlands 2:44.872
11 Kim English South East 2:46.700
12 Laura Cheseman South East 2:55.134
13 Bethany Taylor South 2:55.135
14 Emma Borthwick Scotland 2:55.321
15 Alex Sheehan South West 2:56.633
16 Anna Marie Hughes Central 3:00.687
17 Sam Verrill North East 3:02.651
18 Chloe Evans Central 3:03.472
19 Charlotte Turner South 3:12.752
20 Molly Pilgrim South West 3:13.529

1 Grace Garner East Midlands 2:35.691
2 Charlotte Broughton East Midlands 2:36.030
3 Lucy Shaw West Midlands 2:37.211
4 Melissa Lowther Yorkshire 2:46.841

Boys 500m Time Trial
1 Thomas Scammell South 35.098
2 Jack Hoyle South East 35.286
3 Ethan Lee West Midlands 35.882
4 Joseph Truman South 36.228
5 Thomas Rotheram North West 36.786
6 Henry Dawson Central 36.790
7 Matthew Gibson North West 37.230
8 James Trott South West 37.465
9 Rhys Britton Wales 37.547
10 Struan McInness Yorkshire 37.555
11 Karl Baillie East Midlands 37.636
12 Hisham Al-Ramah South East 37.639
13 Joey Walker Yorkshire 37.688
14 Jack Plumley Eastern 37.864
15 Luke Morgan Central 37.868
16 Zak Loney Scotland 38.057
17 Theo Doncaster Eastern 38.241
18 Jack King East Midlands 38.342
19 Jack Escrit West Midlands 38.837
20 Tomos Owens Wales 39.057
21 Scott Auld North East 39.451
22 Joel Kelly South West 39.729
23 Richie Allan North East 39.995

Girls 500m Time Trial
1 Hannah Blount East Midlands 36.997 CR
2 Lucy Shaw West Midlands 38.205
3 Ellie Dickinson North West 39.128
4 Melissa Lowther Yorkshire 40.092
5 Emily Haycox Wales 41.001
6 Lulu Bartlett Scotland 41.397
7 Laura Cheseman South East 42.996
8 Molly Pilgrim South West 43.468
9 Francesca Morgan-Slader Eastern 43.477
10 Anna Marie Hughes Central 43.628
11 Kirsty Boak North East 44.173
12 Jess Watts North East 44.367
13 Sophie Taylor South 45.660

Boys Madison
1 Central 15 points
2 West Midlands 9
3 East Midlands 7
4 North West 6
5 South East 1
6 Wales
7 South
8 North East
9 Yorkshire -1 lap 6 points
10 Eastern -1 lap
11 Scotland -2 laps
12 South West -3 laps

Girls Madison
1 East Midlands 20 points
2 Eastern 9
3 West Midlands 7
4 Wales 4
5 Yorkshire 2
6 North West 2
7 South East -3 laps
8 Scotland -5 laps
9 Central -5 laps
10 South West -7 laps
11 South -8 laps

Tandem Keirin Time Trial
1 Sophie Thornhill & Megan Boyd 31.432
2 Joe Widdowson & Marcus Partridge 32.121
3 Jack Garner & Matt Waters 32.223
4 Lydia Hayden & Ana Gill 37.626
5 Alice Hayden & Emily Thoday 37.979

Tandem 500m Time Trial
1 Jack Garner & Matt Waters 37.831
2 Sophie Thornhill & Megan Boyd 38.616
3 Joe Widdowson & Marcus Partridge 41.441
4 Lydia Hayden & Ana Gill 44.953
5 Alice Hayden & Emily Thoday 45.560

Tandem Omnium Standings After Day 2
1 Sophie Thornhill & Megan Boyd 5
2 Jack Garner & Matt Waters 8
3 Joe Widdowson & Marcus Partridge 11
4 Lydia Hayden & Ana Gill 16
5 Alice Hayden & Emily Thoday 20

Inter Regional Track Championsips Standings After Day 2
1 East Midlands 62
2 West Midlands 71
2 North West 71
4 South East 93
4 Yorkshire 93
6 Wales 116
7 Central 123
8 Eastern 137
9 South 157
10 Scotland 204
11 North East 212
12 South West 224

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.