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Location: Quibell Park, Scunthorpe
Event: 7 September 2012


Three-lap Scratch:
1 Reece Wood (Aire Valley RC)
2 Max Williamson (Linsquad)
3 Jake Beach (Aire Valley RC)

Four-Lap Handicap:
1 Reece Wood
2 Max Williamson
3 Will Walsh (Lincsquad)

One-Lap Sprint:
1 Reece Wood
2 Max Williamson
3 Tom Yeats (Lincsquad)

One-Lap Handicap Devil:
1 Reece Wood
2 Max Williamson
3 Tom Yeats

Two-Lap Handicap:
1 Archie Hood (unattached)
2 Lewis Nutt (Dinnington)
3 Jacob Feetham (Wakefield Tri Club)

One-Lap Sprint:
1 Will Walsh
2 Robbie Sturdy (Lincsquad)
3 Liam Hindmarsh (Gainsborough Aegir)

One-Lap Sprint:
1 Lewis Nutt
2 Jacob Feetham
3 Max Poole (Lincsquad)

One-Lap Sprint:
1 Euan Crehan (unattached)
2 Stephen Jones (Featherstone RC)
3 Archie Hood (unattached)

Senior A:
10-Lap Scratch:
1 David Brearley (Cottingham Coureurs)
2 Callum Rogers (Scunthorpe Poly CC)
3 Anthony Nash (Scunthorpe Poly CC)

12-Lap Points Race:
1 Peter Kennedy (unattached)
2 Richard Baldwin (Dinnington)
3 Anthony Pearson (Scunthorpe Poly CC)

20-Lap Scratch:
1 David Brearley
2 Anthony Nash
3 Callum Rogers

Senior A and B Eight-Lap Block Handicap:
1 Jodie Brumhead (Cottingham Coureurs)
2 Joshua Dunham (Team Swift)
3 Cameron Reilly (Dinnington)

Senior B:
Eight-Lap Scratch:
1 Simon Beedham (Lincsquad)
2 Matthew Waters (Retford & Dist Wh)
3 Nicholas Gordon (Thurcroft CC)

10-Lap Points:
1 Cameron Reilly
2 Joshua Dunham
3 Thomas Jones (Lindsey Roads CC)

11-Lap Unknown Distance:
1 Reece Wood
2 Joshua Dunham
3 Andrew Shaw (Dinnington)

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.