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Location: Gosling Sports Park, Welwyn
Event: 29 June 2012
Report: Peter Waghorn

There was a good competitive evening of racing in the latest round of the Welwyn Track League at the Gosling Sports Park, with some excellent battles in the well supported youth categories.

In the Senior A League Lewis Atkins was in good finishing mode taking the opening 10-lap scratch and the Devil from Mike Broadwith. A six-lap team pursuit was run as a change to the programme with two equal strength ‘selected’ teams battling it out - the result going to the fastest fourth finisher – the last lap was conclusive as the back straight team lost their fourth man in the last 200 metres.

The B series Points race saw local rider Andy Brown attack early on and hold on for a well-earned but hard-won victory from Simon Howes and Andrew Leverton.

The final scratch race over 20 laps was an attacking race with Mike Broadwith the main aggressor but taking Joe Fry, Lewis Atkins and Andy Hastings with him. As they entered the final lap Lewis Atkins covered Mike Broadwith to win with Andy Hastings and Joe Fry taking the minor places.

Jordan Mooney continued his winning ways in the youth A events with three wins while Cameron Gutteridge was pushed hard by Mitchell Powell and Connor Woodford but still came out with three victories in the youth BC category.

Youth CDE was the usual head to head between Tom Durkin and Alexi Edwards who tied for first place in the opening event. Harry Towning rode well to take the 3 lap Handicap but the Devil and 4 lap handicap went to Tom Durkin. Up and coming Josie Griffin split the boys in the Devil and is now a real threat to them in all the events.


Senior A:
10 lap scratch – Lewis Atkins (Orbea) Joseph Fry (Welwyn Whs) Mike Broadwith (Shorter Rochford)
6 lap Team Pursuit - Mike Broadwith (Shorter Rochford) Andrew Hastings (Metaltek) Sam King (Cambridge) Alex Anderson (Welwyn Whs)
Devil - Lewis Atkins (Orbea) Mike Broadwith (Shorter Rochford) Sam King (Cambridge)
20 lap scr – Lewis Atkins (Orbea) Mike Broadwith (Shorter Rochford) Andrew Hastings (Metaltek)

Senior B
10 lap scr – Andrew Leverton (CC Ashwell) Roger Woodford (Willesden) Simon Best (North Road)
10 lap Hare & Hounds - Roger Woodford (Willesden) Simon Best (North Road) Simon Howes (Spirit RT)
10 lap Points – Andrew Brown (Welwyn Whs) Simon Howes (Spirit RT) Andrew Leverton (CC Ashwell)

Youth A
7 lap scratch – Jordan Mooney (Welwyn) Theo Doncaster (CC Ashwell) Dan Maynard (Welwyn)
Devil – Jordan Mooney (Welwyn) Theo Doncaster (CC Ashwell) Dan Maynard (Welwyn)
8 lap Points – Jordan Mooney (Welwyn) Sam Dossett (Welwyn) Theo Doncaster (CC Ashwell)
8 lap Handicap – Sam Dossett, Dan Maynard, Bethany Hayward (all Welwyn)

Youth BC
5 lap scr – Cameron Gutteridge (Lee Valley) Connor Woodford (Willesden) Mitchell Powell (Chelmer)
Devil – Cameron Gutteridge (Lee Valley) Mitchell Powell (Chelmer) Connor Woodford (Willesden)
5 lap Points – Cameron Gutteridge (Lee Valley) Glenn Dossett (Welwyn) Connor Woodford (Willesden)
5 lap Handicap – Glen Dossett, Michael Parry, Will Raymond (all Welwyn)

Youth CDE
3lap scr =1st Alexi Edwards, Tom Durkin (Welwyn) Josie Griffin (Welwyn)
3 lap H’Cap - Harry Towning Josie Griffin, Millie Gage (all Welwyn)
Handicap/Devil - Tom Durkin Josie Griffin, Alexi Edward (all Welwyn)
4 lap H’Cap – Tom Durkin, Alexi Edwards, Josie Griffin (all Welwyn)

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.