Training Day Number 2 for Team GB in Denmark

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Training Day Number 2 for Team GB in Denmark

Story posted March 21, by Larry Hickmott in Denmark

Sunday morning saw GB's training slot on the track at Ballerup scheduled for 9am and after the endurance squad had a busy day on Saturday, it was the turn of the sprinters to get acquainted with the track. Only four of the Sprint squad mind you but what a four they were! Chris Hoy, Ross Edgar, Matt Crampton and Victoria Pendleton.

Despite there only being four riders on the track, there were plenty of GB support staff track centre to make sure they had everything they needed. The two mechanics, Ernie Feargrieve and Mark Ingham were kept busy cleaning tyres and changing gears after each effort. That's a lot of sprockets and chain rings coming on and off the bikes!

Luc de Wilde, complete with his big Gatorade spoon for making up the energy drinks, was looking  after the riders drinks and food needs while a blast from the past, former professional Chris Lillywhite, was also spotted track centre helping get GB riders and staff get to and fro from the hotel.

The two analysts Chris White and Duncan Locke were doing their best to avoid the track police who were taking exception to timing blocks being taped down. Chris and Duncan were there to record the session for the coach Iain Dyer who would study the video and times at the end of the session along with head coach Shane ‘digger’ Sutton.

Whilst the GB riders and staff went about their business, around them in the track centre was still very quiet. Very little is actually set up even though the tables are in place. Tissot came in during the morning to set up the timing equipment but the press centre was still just a mass of unmade tables with no internet.

The GB session was equally quiet on the boards. Only the Brits and the Malaysians were on the track and with competition only days away, riders from neither nation were doing a great deal. It was an easy session for the riders with standing starts and flying efforts helping them get to grips with the track which is very different to ride than Manchester.

One person who was busy was Stuey, the Aussie mechanic taking care of some work like gluing on tubs. I said they’d be scrapping him off the ceiling later if he wasn’t careful to which there was a wry smile… Away from the track on the roads around Ballerup, the weather was better than Saturday which was good for the GB Endurance riders who went for a short ride. 

Then, in the afternoon, nearly all the riders were on call for media interviews. British Cycling caught up with two of them, Andy Tennant and Becky James while the BBC really had their work cut out as they interviewed 16 of the 19 GB riders after only having arrived in the country hours before. Watch out for Jill Douglas talking to the riders during the BBC's coverage of the Championships.

The interviews carried on to dinner time which signalled the end of the working day for the riders. Monday however will see most of them back at the track for a training session and British Cycling will again be there.

Matt Crampton ever so smooth at speed

Chris Hoy during a standing start drill with coach Iain Dyer.