Cycling in London


Cycling in London

On your bike!

There's a revolution happening on London's streets, and all you need to join it is two wheels. Since 2000, there's been an incredible 107 per cent increase in the number of cyclists in the capital, and more Londoners are getting on their bikes every day.

Why has there been such a sudden surge in cycling?  Well apart from the fact that cycling is cheap, keeps you fit and is an environmentally friendly, convenient and reliable form of transport, there have also been major improvements in cycle lane provision across the city.

The extension in London's cycling networks is set to get even better too with the Mayor's fantastic new Cycle Superhighways. There are also more places than ever to park your bike too, while the London Cycle Hire Scheme starts in 2010, so there's never been a better time to join the two-wheeled revolution!

If you're thinking about getting back on your bike, or are new to cycling, here are some useful links to help get you started. TfL funds cycle training for adults and children  across London. Get more information on local cycle training here.

You can also order free maps of cycle routes in your area, while, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned rider, the following organisations have loads of information and advice on cycling in London.

Finally, if you're an employer that wants to boost cycling at work, there's lots of support for businesses 

to encourage their employees to commute by bike, plus financial grants and schemes that offer help on everything from buying bikes to installing bike racks.