Cycling part of The Big Picture at Sky

Cycling part of The Big Picture at Sky


Cycling part of The Bigger Picture at Sky

Cycling is a fun way of looking after our minds and bodies, as well as our planet. This is part of The Bigger Picture at Sky - our initiative to make a positive impact on the world around us through sports, arts and the environment.

Sport is at the heart of what we do at Sky, and not just what we do on screen. We want to encourage participation in sport and help to develop future talent.

All our sports initiatives encourage people to get more involved in sport, like Sky Sports Living For Sport, which uses sport to help young people who are finding life hard in schools. So far it has reached more than 17,000 pupils. Read about it at

Sky Sports will also be extending its sponsorship of the Sky Sports ECB Coach Education Programme for another two years. Since Sky Sports’ sponsorship began two years ago, nearly 13,000 coaches have gone through the scheme, more than twice as many as expected. Many more coaches have received additional coaching, which means that for example that every professional cricketer in England and Wales, there are now over 60 grass root coaches.