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All riders must make themselves of the rules of racing by being familiar with the SC technical regulations and reading the attached Track League Rules document.
Please remember that the Emirates Arena will NOT be hiring bikes out for competative riding which means track leagues and other racing events. They have introduced a 'no bikes zone' - this is to help preserve the track for future use - by minimising the amount of dust that is carried onto the track from riders tyres after they have ridden in the in-field.  A set of rollers is therefore recommended for using for warm up at track league. Nocyclinginfield_2.pdf

For updated timetable of accreditation sessions and training sessions at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome see the attached link. To be able to ride track league you must have gone through the 4 part accreditation process at the Velodrome and also be a member of Scottish Cycling/British Cycling.  To join contact British Cycling Membership Services - see link below.


In line with the recommendation in Scottish Cycling's Child Protection Policy, the promoters of this event request that any person wishing to engage in any video, zoom or close range photography should register their details with staff at the rider sign on desk before carrying out any such photography. The promoter reserves the right to decline entry to any person unable to meet or abide by the promoter's conditions.

If you have concerns: if you are concerned about any photography taking place at an event, contact the promoter or event organiser and discuss it with them. If appropriate the person about whom there are concerns should be asked to leave and the facility managers should be informed.

Videoing as a coaching aid: there is no intention to prevent club coaches and teachers using video equipment as a legitimate coaching aid. However, cyclists and their parents should be aware that this is part of the coaching programme and care should be taken in the storing of such films.