Five Ways to Better Wellbeing

Five Ways to Better Wellbeing


Over the next five months, we will be introducing each of the Five Ways to Better Wellbeing every #TimeToTalkThursday and highlighting ways that members of our community and staff are using them to positively impact their mental health.

Over the past year Scottish Cycling have been working in partnership with the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) who have some great examples of things we can do every day to support our wellbeing; “we all have mental health, just as we have physical health, and its important that we take the time to look after it” (Improve your mental health and wellbeing | SAMH). Riding a bike, no matter what type, how far or how fast you go, is a great way to support our wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

The five ways to better wellbeing are: Learn, Take Notice, Be Active, Connect and Give.

This month we will be focusing on ‘learn’ and we are excited to share with you some great examples of the benefits of learning in a cycling context, whether this is registering for a Coaching, Breeze or Commissaire course or learning how to maintain your bike.

The #BikeAndBlether Champions from seven Scottish Cycling clubs have been undertaking sessions facilitated by SAMH that aim to increase their awareness of mental wellbeing, and how to promote positive mental wellbeing in themselves and others.

Kieran Power from Musselburgh Road Cycling Club tells us:

“I have been very fortunate to be involved with #BikeAndBlether. The sharing of mental health knowledge and good practice has been invaluable learning. This has supported my determination to raise awareness of cycling benefits to positive wellbeing and my ambition to reduce stigma of having conversations about mental health.”

Kieran has been leading rides over the winter rain or shine, night and day, “using the power of the bike to experience the 5 ways to wellbeing”. 

#BikeAndBlether winter ride led by Kieran Power, Musselburgh Road Cycling Club

Look out for more great ways to “Learn”, next #TimeToTalkThursday!