Women and Girls in Cycling Clubs Toolkit launched

Women and Girls in Cycling Clubs Toolkit launched


At the start of Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week, Scottish Cycling is pleased to launch a new resource for cycling clubs.

Packed with information, case studies and advice, the Women and Girls in Cycling Clubs Toolkit aims to inform and equip clubs with a better understanding and approach to attracting and retaining female members, aligning with the Scottish Cycling strategic aim of achieving equal gender representation in cycling.

Women and girls are significantly underrepresented in cycling in Scotland. British Cycling membership is only 20% female, with Scottish Cycling affiliated cycling clubs only doing marginally better, with clubs having on average three males to every female member.

Developing this new resource, we asked the Scottish Cycling community to tell us what cycling clubs should do, to better attract and retain female members. The results of this survey helped us shape the toolkit, providing recommendations in four key areas: recruitment, support, training/education, and governance.

In addition, we spoke to clubs and individuals making a positive impact on women and girls’ participation in cycling, to highlight examples of good practice that can be applied within cycling clubs across Scotland.

This resource also builds on previous work by British Cycling, who have produced their own Women and Girls Club Toolkit, which provides a useful supplementary guide.

Group of female cyclists jumping in the air. All of the cyclists are wearing the same club top, in blue and pink with stripes and spots

Clubs will be supported to make effective use of the toolkit at a session on women and girls’ membership of cycling clubs, at the forthcoming Scottish Cycling conference. More information and sign up here

Melanie Toner, Participation Programmes Manager, who leads the Scottish Cycling Women’s Development Group, states: “I am so pleased we are launching this fantastic resource during Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week. The toolkit has been built on the knowledge and experience existing within our community and developed in collaboration with many people already doing fantastic work to increase female participation and engagement at cycling clubs. I want to thank everyone who completed the original survey, and all the people we have spoken to whilst developing the project, who allowed us to pick their brains and pinch their ideas to bring them all together in one practical and informative document.”

Sophie McCall, Head of Development and Participation at Scottish Cycling says “Scottish Cycling is committed to making it easier for women and girls to get on their bike and enjoy all the thrills and benefits which cycling has to offer. We're delighted to launch this toolkit, which gives clubs and groups practical advice and tips to make their clubs more welcoming and inclusive. We look forward to seeing the impact which this resource has and seeing more women and girls enjoying their bike as we strive to make cycling a place for everyone."

Download the toolkit:

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Please email any enquiries to clubdevelopment@scottishcycling.org.uk