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Race Format

The race format is a mass start with riders doing as many laps of a short course [1-2km] in a certain time, after which the commissare will ring a bell to inform riders that they have one more lap to complete ['The Bell Lap']. Race durations are commonly 1 hour plus 1 lap for adult classes and 30 minutes plus 1 lap for Youth classes.

The winner[s] will be decided on [1] highest number of laps and [2] first across the line on that final lap. All racers will finish on the leader's last lap.


The courses consist of a variety of terrain; tarmac, mud, grass and steep slopes, often through wooded areas and the riders have to dismount to run over small hurdles and sometimes shouldering their bikes to get over natural obstacles. The race courses are usually fairly short allowing spectators to see the racing many times during the race.

A pit area will be marked on the course where riders can receive support, leave spare wheels or even bikes. This is the only spot on the course where riders can receive outside assistance.

Riders will be able to pre-ride the course at certain times prior to their event.

Who will be there?

Spectators are encouraged to get involved too - bring cowbells and a loud voice for maximum effect. It is no fun to ride past people standing silent with their arms crossed.

Racing is open to all age groups and both genders: typically under 16, junior, senior and veterans.

Depending on demand there is usually a short 'sprogs' race for the under 12's held shortly after the main event.

The Bikes

Cyclocross bikes are based on road frames but with more clearance for mud and different brakes. They are generally out and out race machines but most riders find they are very capable 'do it all' bikes for any sort of riding.

All Scottish Cyclocross races can be entered on a mountainbike, Please make sure you remove bar-ends and install bar plugs.

Scottish Cyclocross

Formed by racers early in 2007 in order to promote, strengthen and maintain the spirit of cyclocross racing in Scotland, The Scottish Cyclocross Association (SCX) coordinate the Cyclocross series events and championship and provide excellent race quality. The main stay of cross and its development is to provide a quality series for racers at all levels.

People to contact

For media information contact
To contact Davie Graham (secretary), email or telephone 0770 440 9705
For information about cyclocross events, email or telephone 0131 317 9704


Unless noted otherwise all races will be run under Scottish Cycling rules. The full rule book can be viewed online here.


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