Edinburgh Cycle Speedway - Update 6


With no Northern League fixture last weekend current Falcons riders Mikey Hewitson and Robert Bandosz took the opportunity to get some practice in as they turned out for the Bury club on a secondary licence in a Northern Fours fixture at Astley & Tyldesley (Greater Manchester) on Sunday 19th April, scoring 15 points and 12 points respectively out of a possible 16. Bury winning overall from Stockport, Hull and Heckmondwike.

The secondary licence facility allows clubs, who are unable to field a team, the opportunity to use riders from another team to fulfil fixtures they would otherwise be unable to. This is provided of course it does not clash with their parent club. The fact that Mikey & Robert made up half of the four man Bury team and that one of the other teams, Heckmondwike, were unable to track a full side perhaps tells a story in itself of the state of the sport in that region.

On the plus side for the Falcons the extra practice session for Robert on a track he has not seen before and the renewed enthusiasm and maturity of Falcons Captain Mikey, who suffered only one defeat, will only reap rewards for the Falcons for the rest of the season.

Tommy Lee
Edinburgh Cycle Speedway Club