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26th November 2015

The National Track League Organising Committee has recently recruited some rider representatives and has since listened to their feedback. 

With the aim of creating a five week rolling programme for National Track League 2016, next week’s schedule (below) will form ‘Week 5’ of the structure and should offer a slightly different race structure for riders – with groups A and B getting in plenty of those much-desired laps and groups C and Youth getting a slightly different format with the inclusion of Course de Primes 

We hope these additions to the schedule are well received by riders but as always, we would love to hear your feedback!  Get in touch with to have your say.

5th November 2015

In order to encourage riders to enter National Track League prior to the deadline, Scottish Cycling would like to confirm the price for late entrants.

Going forward, any rider entering after the deadline of Monday at 5pm or on the night will pay the following prices:

Youth: £8.50

Junior: £11.50

Senior: £15

Additionally, any rider withdrawing after the deadline of Monday at 5pm will not receive a refund on their entry.

29th October 2015

As the 2015/16 season of Scottish Cycling’s National Track League is well under way, Scottish Cycling are delighted to announce the new and exciting direction the league is taking.

Before the start of this season, Scottish Cycling invited volunteers to form a National Track League Committee to continue the development of National Track League with the aim to provide a popular, successful and sustainable league for riders of all disciplines.

The new Committee currently has a great mix of knowledge and experience including Sean Murphy as Chair, Tommy Banks, Carole O’Hara, Ben Proctor, Morley Roe, Hugh Sinclair, Craig Taylor and Richard Todd.

As the Committee evolves, it is seeking riders to represent their Track League race group and to offer some invaluable guidance as to how National Track League can meet the needs of the riders.  The Committee would like each rider group (A, B, C and Youth) to be represented.  Due to the monthly frequency and evening timings of the meetings, it is suggested that the Youth rider group should be represented by a parent or a coach in place of a rider.

This is an exciting opportunity for National Track League riders; the Committee encourages any interested parties to submit their name and a short statement, using the form below, explaining what they would like the Committee to do for their rider group.  Forms should be submitted to no later than 5pm on Thursday 12th November. If more than one note of interest is received from any group, Scottish Cycling will contact the group riders from this season to choose the representative they want to represent their specific group.

Please use this form to submit your note of interest: Note of Interest Form

The Scottish Cycling National Track League Committee would also like extend an invitation to any volunteers wishing to support the delivery of Track League. If you are interested in lending a hand, please sign up at the next National Track League session or email Sarah your note of interest at the details above.