Bob Jump Wins Torch Trophy Trust Volunteer Award

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Bob Jump Receives Torch Trophy Trust Volunteer Award

17th November 2009

On Monday 16th November Bob Jump was presented with The Torch Trophy Trust award.

The Torch Trophy Trust awards are awarded annually by the CCPR (Central Council of Physical Recreation) to leading sports volunteers. These volunteers can come from any area of sport or recreation. One of the criteria is that they are 'unsung' or haven't received any high honours elsewhere for their volunteering. Bob was selected for his nomination from via British Cycling's annual volunteer awards, as were the previous two winners of Torch Trophy Trust awards from British Cycling (Ron Fowler and Ken Robertson).

Bob Jump has been a grass roots cycling volunteer continuously since the early 1960's. Although never a champion cyclist he is one of those volunteers without which grass roots could not function. He became involved with all aspects of the sport and pastime of cycling in the Merseyside area.

Throughout this time he was also involved with the organisation of local events in Merseyside and continues to volunteer at events throughout the North West. He has also designed and manufactured a special gear checking device to ensure that all young competitors and parents alike feel confident that competition is being undertaken fairly. He regularly officiates at local events in the North West throughout the year; in the summer at road and circuit races and in the winter at the track league that takes place at Manchester Velodrome.

At a reception after the award presentation the Duchess of Gloucester and the trustees of the Torch Trophy Trust took time to circulate and talk to all of the recipients. They were most generous with their time, interest and appreciation of all the volunteers' work; in particular, Sir Bobby Charlton, who took time to speak to all the guests before and after the presentation.

Most telling perhaps was Bob's response to being asked what continues to motivates his tireless volunteer work. When asked the question upon nomination, Bob replied: "I like to see more people involved with the sport".