Road: Three in a row for Champion Boylan

Road: Three in a row for Champion Boylan

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Location: Loxwood, Sussex
Event: 18 May 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports
Photo: Dave Hayward

Champion for the last two years, Lydia Boylan (Team CTC) completed a hat-trick of South East Regional Women’s titles with victory in Kingston Phoenix RC’s 52-mile promotion on the Kirdford circuit.

And the 25-year-old Londoner did it in style this time as she opened up a small gap to come home ahead of Karla Boddy (MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling), the winner of the race in each of the last two years but ineligible for the championship.

Alexei Shaw (Les Filles RT) took third place a few lengths down in Boddy in the uphill sprint with Kimberley English (Scott Contessa Epic) the leading junior in 11th place from an original field of 53 riders.


1 Lydia Boylan Team CTC EW 02:20:00

2 Karla Boddy MG Maxifuel 1W

3 Alexie Shaw Les Filles Racing Team 2W

4 Louise Mah‚ MuleBar Girls Sigma Sport 2W

5 Clemence Copie High Wycombe 2W

6 Nicole Oh Les Filles Racing Team 2W

7 Melissa Brand MG Maxifuel 3W

8 Jen Edwards Rhos-on-Sea CC 2W

9 Lauren Whitmore London Dynamo 2W

10 Helen Ralston Les Filles Racing Team 3W

11 Kimberley English Scott Contessa Epic 2WJ

12 Karen Poole 2W

13 Natalie Creswick MuleBar Girls Sigma Sport 2W

14 Emily Barnes Condor Cycles 2WJ

15 Vittoria Bussi Zappi's Ladies Team 2W

16 Laura Greenhalgh Twickenham CC 4W

17 Aimee Wright High Wycombe 2W

18 Maryka Sennema Kingston Wheelers 2W

19 Bryony Board Glendene CC 3WV

20 Rachel Przybylski WyndyMilla 2W

21 Bella Leach London Phoenix 3W

22 Kate Hewett Les Filles Racing Team 2W

23 Astrid Wingler Team CTC 2WV

24 Emma Towers Twickenham CC 3W

25 Lucy Chittenden East St 3W

26 Laura Massey Abergavenny 1W

27 Coralie Glaunes Les Filles Racing Team 3WV

28 Cassie McGoldrick PMR@ToachimHouse 2WJ

29 Kerry Bircher Cranleigh CC 3W

30 Nichola Roberts Dulwich Paragon CC 3W

31 Michelle Sellars Goscomb-BSR 4W

32 Susan Freeburn WyndyMilla 2W

33 Clare Gillott Dulwich Paragon CC 3W

34 Catherine Hills WyndyMilla 2WV

35 Lisa Gunn WyndyMilla 3WV

36 Erica Howe VC Norwich 4W

37 Monica Da Polenza WyndyMilla 2WV

38 Tamlyn Benedict Private Member 4W @ 1 Lap

39 Holly Seear Twickenham CC 4W

40 Vikki Filsell Les Filles Racing Team 3WV

41 Louise Marsden VC Norwich 4W

42 Sally Smith PMR@ToachimHouse 3W

43 Elin Williamson Brighton Mitre 4W

44 Victoria Strila Medway Velo 4W

45 Rachael Yates London Phoenix 4WV

46 Laura Morgan Dynamic Bicycles UK/RPC RT 4W

47 Tabitha Rendall Club Cyclopark 3WV

48 Beth Coley VC Norwich 4W

dnf Siobh n McNamara Inverse 2W

dnf Dani Christmas Team ASL360 4W

dnf Anna Grundy Look Mum No Hands 1W

dnf Wiesia Kuczaj MuleBar Girls Sigma Sport 3W

dnf Claire Richardson London Dynamo 4WJ

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