Dewey Wins South West Crit Title

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Douglas Dewey Wins South West Crit Title

Saturday 11th July 2009; Report: Nicholas Bourne Ilton, Somerset

Doug Dewey (Pendragon Kalas) produced an emphatic ride to win the South West Criterium Championships that took place at Ilton, Somerset on Saturday afternoon. The Pendragon Kalas rider made the break on lap three of the 1 km circuit of Merryfield airbase with Greg Sandy of Somerset Road Road.

Victory for Dewey in the South West. Photo Courtesy of Ann Owens

The breakaway riders worked together and gained over 30 seconds on the chasing group until on lap seven they were joined by Richard Tanguy also of Pendragon Kalas who bridged the gap while shaking off Sandy’s team mate Rob Wilcox. As the weather conditions deteriorated, the three riders built up a comfortable lead on the peloton.

With the strength of Dewey and the sprint speed of Tanguy, the win was looking increasingly secure for Pendragon Kalas as the two team mates accelerated out of each corner opening up valuable meters and sapping the strength of the SRC rider, Sandy. With five laps to go, Dewey accelerated again and used his considerable time trialing ability to open up an unassailable lead to take the win. Second place was secured by Tanguy as he out sprinted Sandy in a text book display of strength and tactics by the Pendragon Kalas team mates.

Dewey was delighted with taking the South West title which also gained him his Elite license. He commented that “This is one of my best results of the season and shows that Pendragon Kalas has the strongest line up of riders in the South West; so we very much hope that we will be given the opportunity to represent the region at the Tour Series in 2010 as we missed out this year. For a first year team we have already laid down a marker as a top ten ranked squad and we are looking forward to building on this over the rest of the season and beyond.”

Pendragon Kalas rounded off a successful week with wins at both the Tor 2000 circuit series and at Liverpool by John Hollier and Dave Clarke respectively.

Photo Courtesy of Ann Owens

Photo Courtesy of Ann Owens

Photo Courtesy of Ann Owens


1. Douglas Dewey
2. Richard Tanguy
3. Greg Sandy
4. Samuel Deakin
5. Robert Willcocks
6. Phillip Borrett
7. James Williams
8. Adam Bright
9. Andrew Hitchins
10. Gary Chambers
11. James Smith
12. John Hollier
13. Adrian Clode
14. Chris Lobb
15. Dave Bentley

1. Ali Northcott
2. Angie Pike
3. Louise Georgi

1. Samuel Deakin
2. Matthew Hill
3. Andrew Miles
4. Nathan Cox
5. Peter Robinson

Support Race
1. Graeme Lackford
2. Steve Chattell
3. John Nye
4. Adie Kirby
5. David Gorton
6. Simon Edney
7. Michael Leech
8. Will Hornby
9. James Denslow
10. Jon Yates

Youth- Ability Category ‘B’ (Under 14 )
1st    Christopher Brettell    3

Youth- Ability Category ‘C’ (Under 12 )
1st    Ashley Hutchinson    3
2nd    Etienne Geirgi    2

Youth- Ability Category ‘D’ (Under 10)
1st    Pfeiffer Georgi    3
Youth- Ability Category ‘E’ (Under 8)
1st    Lance Hutchinson    3

Youth- Ability Category ‘A’ (Under 16 )
1st    Tom Dracup    3
2nd    Jon Aske    2
3rd     Harry Edney    1
Youth- Ability Category ‘B’ (Under 14 )
1st    Joel Kelly    3
2nd    Tom Green        2
3rd    Chester Buckle        1

Under 14 Girls       
1st     Laura Clode    3

Youth- Ability Category ‘C’ (Under 12 )
1st    Will Kelly    3
2nd    Daniel Martin    2
3rd     Alex Suarez   

Under 12 Girls       
1st     Karla Hodson    3

Youth- Ability Category ‘D’ (Under 10)
1st    Alex Ford    3
2nd    Tom Morris    2
3rd     Carlos Silva   
Youth- Ability Category ‘E’ (Under 8)
1st    Harrison Price    3
2nd    Antonio Suarez    Day    2