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Castle Combe Summer Series

04/07/09 - Week 9
Report: Andy Cook

Week 9 had slightly fewer Youth riders but the racing was just as fierce nonetheless. Lance continues to make the U8 race his own. This week Lauren made it up to second place with Tom Price one of the Go Ride successes making it into third place. William Jennings made a return to Castle Combe this week and managed to get the better of Pfeiffer Georgi in the sprint for the line with Tom Price's older brother Josh also making it a third place. Again, a product of the Go Ride sessions that precede the Youth racing. Ashley Hutchison won the sprint in the U12 category that seems to be enjoying racing round the big circuit. Rob Higgs found his legs and made Ash work hard for the win with Ettienne Georgi taking third from Peter Kibble.

In the U14's Jack Reed continues to impress riding away from the field to take a lone win almost catching the U16's who'd started a good minute in front. Sam Roberts also broke away from the group and made second with young Angela Eggleton outsprinting the two Chippenham lads for 3rd place. Sean Wheddon won the U16's with Alex Mulvenna making it into second place and Dan McKimm riding strongly for third place.

In the senior event the 4th cats held out once again to take the honours with David Evans of the Royal Dean Forest clearly winning the sprint with a very close contest for 2nd & 3rd going to David White of VC Montpelier from Tavis Walker riding for VC Walcot.

The E/1/2 group had been set off at exactly the same handicap as the previous week where they had caught everyone with just under 2 laps to go. This week the 4ths got their act together and managed to hold off the combined E/1/2 & 3rds by about 10 seconds on the line. Marcin Biablocki and Darren Lapthorne were doing monster turns but not many others were willing to assist content to wait for the sprint finish. One or two more experienced riders were heard to moan about the fact that the catch hadn't been made but as this was only the second time in 9 weeks of racing it seems fair to me. The whole idea of these events was to provide a significant workout for the E/1/2 riders in the form of a training race and at the same time if the 3rds or 4ths got working well they could stay clear and bag the points. The E/1/2's shouldn't expect to win every week or maybe the 4ths and 3rds who make up the majority of the field will start staying away. These guys shouldn't be considered as "cannon fodder" but assisted to develop their racing tactics and nous by the more experienced riders.



1st Lance Hutchison Cheltenham & Cty CC
2nd Lauren Booth Chippenham & Dist
3rd Tom Price Go Ride
4th Marco Matano Chippenham & Dist
5th Harry Fleet Royal Dean Forest CC
6th Samuele Chieppa Royal Dean Forest CC
7th Katie Johns Chippenham & Dist
8th Talan Snowden Chippenham & Dist
9th Sean Cole Go Ride
10th Nicola Dove Go Ride

1st William Jennings Newport Velo
2nd Pfeiffer Georgi Mid Devon RC
3rd Joshua Price Go Ride
4th Jamie Hine Newport Velo
5th Jack Pearce Newport Velo
6th Liam Sewell Swindon RC
7th Finlay Dove Go Ride

1st Ashley Hutchison Cheltenham & Cty
2nd Rob Higgs Chippenham & Dist
3rd Etienne Georgi Mid Devon RC
4th Peter Kibble Chippenham & Dist
5th Tom Sewell Swindon RC
6th Tom Candlin Newport Velo
7th Lewis Revill Chippenham & Dist
8th Elliott Chard Chippenham & Dist
9th Jake Davies Chippenham & Dist
10th Ryan Hine Newport Velo
11th Nicole Pollock Newport Velo
12th Douglas McKenzie Chippenham & Dist

1st Jack Reed Royal Dean Forest CC
2nd Sam Roberts NSCDS
3rd Angela Eggleton Halesowen C & AC
4th Luke Davies Chippenham & Dist
5th Ben Phillips Chippenham & Dist

1st Sean Wheddon BCDS
2nd Alex Mulvenna Chippenham & Dist
3rd Dan McKimm BCDS
4th Joe Deacon Swindon RC
5th Luke Cowley Swindon RC
6th Dan Marshall BCDS
7th Steph Higgs Chippenham & Dist
8th Ainsley Jewell Chippenham & Dist
9th Tom Bowering Ingear Dev Sq


1st David Evans Royal Dean Forest
2nd David White VC Montpelier
3rd Tavis Walker VC Walcot
4th Alex Mulvenna Chippenham & Dist
5th Paul Derrick BAD Tri
6th Dave Fielding Total Fitness Bath
7th Antony Thomas Liverpool Century RC
8th Tom Brown Raleigh Avanti RT
9th Mathew Blackmore Bristol RC
10th Don Pearce RAF CC