Wise Words - Storing your Bike

Wise Words - Storing your Bike


Bikes are liberating devices when you're riding them, but can be a pain in the neck to store. You may know that 1 in 3 marriages end in divorce and 90 percent of accidents take place in the home, but did you know that 90 percent of those divorces occur due to spouses keeping bikes in the hall and 95 percent of accidents are due to tripping over bikes in the house? Those facts may or may not be true, but storing you bike in the house can be a big problem. However, help is at hand. There are a number of storage solutions, both inside and outside the home that will help you keep the peace, avoid clutter and yet crucially keep your bike in fine fettle and ready to go.

Under the Stairs

In most houses storage under the stairs is the best place to put bike. It's tucked away, people won't trip over it and it's ready for you at a moment's notice. You can also mount a wall anchor unobstrusively so you can lock your bike up, if left unattended for a long time. However, you must gain the consent of your spouse before attempting to permanently locate your steed thus. And if you've got more than one bike, things quickly get out of hand...

Dancing on the Ceiling

Many properties with high ceilings have enough ‘head space' to suspend your bike on a pulley system from the ceiling. Stairwells are prime locations for these. Just make sure that your system is properly fitted. You don't want your bike rack to turn into a mantrap.

Outdoor Pursuits

If you've got more than one bike, chances are that the pressure is on for your bikes to live outside on a permanent basis. For this some kids of garage or shed arrangement is ideal. If you're without a shed or garage but have some outdoor space, there are purpose built bike stores that can house 2 or 3 bikes securely and out of the weather.

Shed Love

If you do own a shed, organising a brace of bikes will become your priority. The best and cheapest way is hanging bikes by their front wheels on rubber covered storage hooks. This allows you to keep them off the ground, stops them getting mashed together and allows you to easily access your bike rather than having to wrestle your way through the pile every morning when you're late for work.

Stack 'em high

Bike storage towers are also available, which allow you to store two bikes one on top of the other. However, these need to be securely fixed or wedged between a floor or ceiling, meaning that they may not work in all circumstances.

Shrink the Bike

If storage is becoming a contentious issue, consider getting a folding bike as your main commuting hack. You'll be able to stash it under the stairs or in the utility room, a cupboard, you name it.