Preview: Fully Sussed Summer Race Series Round 3

Preview: Fully Sussed Summer Race Series Round 3

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Location: Newnham Park, Plympton, Plymouth
Event: 13 May 2012

So far the Fully Sussed series has seen the Woodbury ‘wet one’ and the Redruth ‘rocky one’. What will Newnham deliver? Nightmare? Nasty? Nirvana?

Woodbury favoured the mud-pluggers, Redruth the air-bandits - Newnham will be one for the climbers. You could dispense with course markings and just list the trails to hit - ‘the cauldron’, ‘the mineshaft’, ‘the bomb-holes’, ‘the bit-from-last-year’s-nationals-that-hasn’t-been-named’, ‘the splitter’, ‘picnic rocks’, ‘pipeline return’ and yes, ‘the bear pit’. Think of it as Newnham’s version of ‘The Knowledge’.

The bare bones of the course have been taken and made longer, hillier and more technical. The south west champion’s jerseys are up for grabs and they will be earned, not gifted. In addition there will be the customary ‘b’ lines for the nervous. For the first time, we might need some ‘b’ lines for the uphills.

Custom Sports Clothing are again sponsoring the South West champ’s winners’ jerseys and it is Certini Bicycle Company who will be on hand with tech support

The 13 May is set to be a massive day for cycling in Plymouth with both the first Plymouth Sky Ride and the Shred Classic in the evening of the same day.

At round 2 the format of the youth event was tweaked and Newnham will see more timed skills sections to see who is the best all-rounder.