Downhill Timed Practise: UCI Mountain Bike World Championships

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The timed downhill practise is a bit of a non-event at the Worlds in 2009. There is no qualifier and the only run riders must turn up for and get timed for is timed practice. Except there's no incentive to go fast. As long as you show up on the gate then you are in the finals, which will be run in reverse UCI Ranking order as of August 24, 2009. 

No point in doing anything spectacular - who wants to kill themselves and show their cards before raceday?

Well, maybe Mik Hannah. He likes that sort of buildup - just like when he won Vigo in 2007.

Word is everyone else backed off, Nathan Rennie and Andrew Neething have bust their hands so will struggle on race day. All we know for sure is that this track will ride sub two minutes thirty on Sunday, so hopefully the UCI see sense, throw in a bigger time gap between riders (three minutes for the top twenty anyone?) and that way Freecaster can get the entire run broadcast live. Race day will be intense!

Downhill Timed Practise Men - Result
1. Michael Hannah (Australia) 02.29.68
2. Sam Hill (Australia) +00.01.74
3. Greg Minnaar (South Africa) +00.01.88
4. Gee Atherton (Great Britain) +00.02.05
5. Cameron Cole (New Zealand) +00.02.44
10. Steve Peat (Great Britain) +00.06.74

The women's timed practise was a bit of a different game, with so few riders it always is. Claire Buchar the surprise in here with second place and Fionn putting in a good time for third.

Downhill Timed Practise Women - Result
1. Tracy Moseley (Great Britain) 02.54.76
2. Claire Buchar (Canada) +00.00.03
3. Fionn Griffiths (Great Britain) +00.01.74
4. Sabrina Jonnier (France) +00.01.98
5. Floriane Pugin (France) +00.04.06

The Brit Juniors also had a good time - Danny Hart second overall. We'll have the full race details on Sunday along with a live broadcast.