Cross: Oliver-Evans wins York Sport cross

Cross: Oliver-Evans wins York Sport cross

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Location: York Sport Village, York
Event: 5 January 2014
Report: Snowdon Sports

Harrogate teenager Edwyn Oliver-Evans secured his first senior victory when he raced to victory in the York Sport Cyclo-Cross at York Sport Village on Sunday.

The 18-year-old, who rides both cross and MTB for the CX Magazine team, was ten seconds ahead of experienced rival Darren Binks (Blackhawk Bikes), 39 and from Thirsk, while Tom Ramsey (Crosstrax) was another 14 seconds off the pace in third place.

Peter Fielding-Smith (Wilson’s Wheels) won the over-40s race by some 40sec from Mike Burdon (PH Mas Racing), with local rider Andrew Windrum (York Cycleworks) third, another 12sec off the pace.

And his team-mate at York Cycleworks, Wayne Nicholson was over a minute clear as he won the over-50s race.

Max Williamson (Lincsquad) was more than three minutes clear when he won the youth race, with George Fox and Will Kerry (both East Bradford CC) second and third respectively.

And another Lincsquad rider, Max Poole, won the Under-12s race by 28sec from under-10 rival Bloeth Koerdt (Crosstrax).



1 Edwyn Oliver-Evans CX Magazine sen 00:52:53

2 Darren Binks Blackhawk Bikes sen 00:53:03

3 Tom Ramsey Crosstrax sen 00:53:17

4 Andy Johnson York Cycleworks sen 00:54:13

5 Ryan Manders York Cycleworks sen 00:55:02

6 Peter Hook Cyclescene sen 00:55:36

7 Damien Kelly Epic MTB sen 00:53:48

8 Neil Harris PHMAS sen 00:55:34

9 Adam Ward Unattached sen 00:56:27

10 Dale Boyeson York Cycleworks sen 00:56:40

11 Paul Scott York Cycleworks sen 00:56:46

12 Martin Harris Clifton CC sen 01:00:31

Ricky Feather HCTB sen DNF

Paul Stephenson Norton Whlrs sen DNF

Veterans Over-40:

1 Pete Fielding-Smith Wilsons Wheels RT V40 40:11.1

2 Mike Burdon PH Mas Racing V40 40:51.2

3 Andrew Windrum York Cycleworks V40 41:03.8

4 Craig Thureby Elmore Factory Racing V40 41:10.9

5 Jonathon Watson Charge Bikes V40 41:58.5

6 Paul Goulden HCTB V40 42:48.3

7 Andy Faithney CRC Hull V40 42:59.7

8 Richard Cutsworth VC Beverley V40 44:13.1

9 Benjamin Appleby Arrow Cycles V40 44:57.4

10 Will Kaye Clifton CC V40 45:01.4

11 Brandon Stock Clifton CC Jun 45:31.0

12 Todd Stewart Leeds Bradford Tri V40 45:33.2

13 Brent Carr HCTB V40 45:51.6

14 Gareth Buddo Unattached V40 46:01.4

15 Brent Wilkinson Fulford Cycles V40 46:08.8

16 Gary Jackson Huddersfield Star Whlrs V40 46:53.4

17 Mark Mckie York Cycleworks V40 48:03.1

18 Andrew Fraser York Cycleworks V40 41:08.9

19 Jon Cooper York Cycleworks V40 43:34.2

20 Bill Crowther Barracuada Tri V40 46:25.1

21 Marc Newsome York Tri V40 47:17.4

22 Phil Walsh Unattached V40 41:33.1

Danny Sampson Selby CC V40 DNF

Veterans over-50:

1 Wayne Nicholson York Cycleworks V50 39:40.8

2 Bob Murdoch Teesdale CRC V50 40:56.2

3 John Galway Kessick Bikes V50 41:41.2

4 Ken Homes Unattached V50 42:14.1

5 Nick Mason Harrogate Nova V50 42:30.4

6 Simon Hudson Harrogate Nova V50 43:44.2

7 Paul Sleaford Norton Whlrs V50 44:04.2

8 Owen Henriksen Norton Whlrs V50 46:26.8

9 Nicky Hartle PHMAS Cycling FV 40:28.9

10 Donna Short ACU FS 40:33.6

11 Ronald Roberts Wakefield CC V50 45:57.4

12 Kevin Barrett Ilkley V60 48:04.3


1 Max Williamson Lincsquad U16B 30:50.1

2 George Fox EBCC U16B 34:03.2

3 Will Kerry EBCC U16B 34:36.5

4 Jacob Feetham Wakefield JTC U16B 35:31.7

5 Connor Walker Cliffton CC U14B 36:21.8

6 Luke O'connell EBCC U14B 36:38.5

7 Robbie Sturdy Lincsquad U16B 36:48.0

8 William Turley Team Fulford Cycles U16B 36:51.6

9 Avner Bordoley Mercury U14B 37:59.1

10 Alex Foley LMCC U16B 37:59.4

11 Louis Mason Harrogate Nova U14B 31:35.0

12 Arran Brenshaw EBCC U16B 33:07.2

13 Lucy Whearty Pedalsport U14G 33:44.7

14 Joe Faichney City RC Hull U16B 33:51.0

15 Tom Wake KCA U14B 33:54.4

16 Scott Wolfenden KCA U14B 31:45.6


1 Max Poole Lincsquad U12 M 11:55.3

2 Bjoeth Koerdt Crosstrax U10 M 12:23.5

3 Kayleigh Wells Yorkshire Velo U12 F 13:11.9

4 Lucien Cuming Leeds Bradford U12 M 13:39.8

5 Tom Sheard RCA U12 M 13:52.1

6 Adam Jackson Huddersfield Star Whlrs U12 M 14:40.0

7 Sebastian Cuming East Bradford CC U10 M 15:20.7

8 Elicia Bordoly Mercury U12 F 16:01.3

9 Oliver Windrum York Cycleworks U10 M 16:29.1

10 Elona Foley Leeds Mercury U10 F 16:41.1

11 Ozzy Stringer Richardson U8 M 16:56.7

12 Ella Hampson Huddersfield Star Whlrs U12 F 17:15.7

13 Adele Taylor Clifton U12 F 12:39.1

14 Ryan Thomas East Bradford CC U10 M 13:17.3

15 Harry Fox East Bradford CC U8 M 14:02.1

16 Daniel Price Calder Clarion U8 M 17:00.0

17 Olivia Fox East Bradford CC U8 F 18:54.4

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