Daily Commuting Tips Archive

Daily Commuting Tips Archive


Commuting Tips

All of your commuting tips, all in the one place. Keep checking back for your daily dose of utility biking wisdom. Bookmark this page and share it with friends. If you've got some genius commuting tips, send them to

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The Wet Weather Schism

Normal Clothes that Work on the Bike

Clever Road Bikes for Everyday Use

Commuter 'Transitions'

Keep it clean

Be Seen Without Looking Like a School Crossing Attendant

The Psychology of Wind


Make your errand-run your daily workout

Bike Commuting Cold Turkey

Drive 5 Miles Less, Ride 5 Miles More

Light the Rider and the Bike

Climate Control for Cyclists

Winter Cycling FTW!

Why touring bikes are the best commuting bikes

Make Groundhog Day Pay

Check for Rim Wear

Don't leave home without...


Random Commuting Tips

Save your Trousers!

Rack 'em up

Hail to the Cheap

Commuting and Eating

Gloves: give 'em a big hand

How to lock up your bike

How to keep your feet dry

How to commutify your MTB

How to advise a would be commuter without getting 'Preachy'

Heads Up or Heads Own? Choose a side

Commuting with Kids

Shopping by bike - your guide to grocery getting

More Speed, Less Haste

Reason #324 Why You Need a Folding Bike

Take the Road Less Travelled

To Sweat or to Get Wet?

Fit and Forget Lighting

Bicycles on the London Underground

How to deal with those guilty days when you drive to work

Ready to Roll: How to ride more and drive less

Keep Riding: Mix it up and keep it fresh

Carrying Stuff: Let your bike take the load

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