Report: Welwyn Track League July 9


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Welwyn Track League July 9

Story posted July 13, 2010; by Peter Waghorn

A warm, dry evening with little breeze made excellent conditions for racing on Friday night. John McClelland strengthened his overall lead in the series winning all four senior events while Alex Wise made a welcome return to the League as his all out attacking style of riding makes for good fast, entertaining racing.

He picked up a well earned second place in the 10 lap Block Pursuit which was re-run after Tim Read crashed out in the first event after a touch of wheels. Alister Slater was also on good form picking up three second places in the Senior A group and was part of a seven man group which lapped the field in the 10 mile event at the end of the evening along with Digby Symons, Tom Gallacher, Vince Divine, Neil Fraser, Alex Wise and John McClelland.

Welwyn riders dominated the Senior B events with Andrew Street winning the dash for the line at the end of a  lively 10 lap block handicap. Alex Anderson won the 10 lap scratch by millimetres from Ryan Owens and also cleaned up the 10 lap Points event. Ollie Plumley won all three of the Youth A/B events while Archie Wishart had three wins in the Youth B/C category – his perfect score being denied by Daniel Maynard with a well timed finishing sprint in the 4 lap handicap.

The Youth C/D/E group produced some excellent racing with the young Hillingdon trio of Kye Lewis, Amy and Elizabeth Marvelly taking full advantage of their allowance in the 3 lap handicap to score a 1,2,3  while the rest of the field spent too much time looking at each other. Alexi Edwards wont the final 4 lap handicap as the field closed up in the final lap. Will Raymond's two wins consolidated his lead in the C/D/E  points table.   

Repair work to the grandstand is taking place this week (14,15,16 July) and is due to finish on Friday afternoon. An announcement will be posted on the Welwyn Wheelers website on Friday afternoon (16th) if the work has not been completed as this may result in the Track League meeting being cancelled.


10 lap Scratch A
1. John McClelland (Agiskoviner)
2. Alistair Slater (Bourne Whs)
3. Alan Trolove (Wset Suffolk Whs)

1. John McClelland (Agiskoviner)
2. Alister Slater (Bourne Whs)
3. Tom Gallacher (Welwyn Whs)

10  lap Block Pursuit A
1. John McClelland (Agiskoviner)
2. Alex Wise (Agiskoviner)
3. Mark Smith (Welwyn Whs)

10 lap Scratch B
1. Alex Anderson (Welwyn Whs)
2. Ryan Owens (Welwyn Whs)
3. Rod Kelson (North Road)  

10 lap Block Handicap B
1. Andrew Street,
2. Ryan Owns ,
3. George Farrell, (all Welwyn Whs)

10 lap Points B
1. Alex Anderson (Welwyn Whs)
2. Kristain Wolff (Kingscliffe Flyers)
3. Keith Moore (City Centre Cycles)

10 mile 
1. John McClelland (Agiskoviner)
2. Alister Salter (Bourne Whs) 
3. Tom Gallacher  (Welwyn Whs) 

Youth A/B
5 lap Scratch  
1. Ollie Plumley (Welwyn)
2. Sam Gilzean (Icknield)
3. David Lambert (Welwyn Whs)

1. Ollie Plumley (Welwyn)
2. Sam Gilzean (Icknield)
3. Joseph Fry (Welwyn)

5 lap Points
1. Ollie Plumley (Welwyn)
2. Joseph Fry Welwyn)
3. Jake Howes (Hillingdon)

Youth B/C

4 lap scratch
1. Archie Wishart  (Welwyn )
2. Ollie Fensom (Spading)
3. Jack Plumlay (Welwyn) 

1. Archie Wishart (Welwyn)
2. Ollie Fensom (Spalding)
3. Jonathan Sjoling (West Suffolk)

4 lap H’Cap
1. Daniel Maynard,
2. Archie Wishart ,
3. Jack Plumley (all Welwyn) 

4 lap Combined A/B/C Handicap
1. Archie Wishart (Welwyn)
2. Kiera McVitty (Kingscliffe Flyers)
3. Daniel Maynard (Welwyn)
Youth  C/D/E
4 lap Scratch
1. William Raymond (Welwyn)
2. Simon Bird (Lee Valley Youth)
3. Tom Durkin (Welwyn)

3 lap Handicap
1. Kye Lewis
2. Amy Marvelly,
3. Elizabeth Marvelly (all Hillingdon) 

4 lap Handicap/Devil
1. William Raymond (Welwyn)
2. Connor Woodford (Hillingdon)
3. Rebecca Maynard (Welwyn)

4 lap Handicap
1. Alexi Edwards (Welwyn)
2. Kye Lewis (Hillingdon)
3. Rebecca Maynard  (Welwyn)