Report: Brixton CC Super Madison Open


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Brixton CC Super Madison Open

Story posted July 2, Event: June 26, thanks to Judith Bonner

Thanks to Jason Cattermole, the unofficial Herne Hill Madison season kicked off the Wednesday before the Brixton CC Super Madison Open Track meet and riders that missed this warm-up event  may have been kicking themselves at the Brixton CC Super Madison Open. 

An action packed card of proper racing proved to be a mother of an endurance event. Taking no prisoners, Brixton CC, aided and abetted by chief commissaire supremo, Bob Ruszkowski, threw riders into race after race. No pushovers these lot.

No riders submitted to either the summer heat or the Devils that jostled with sprints, a Kierin, the Ron Beckett Madison Pursuit, the odd Scratch and the Super Madison Finale. Spectators included the London Air ambulance crew left over from an earlier event. Heat stroke was the main hazard on this lovely sunburst of an afternoon and first aid was well covered with a chopper, a doctor and four paramedics.

The event kicked off with a combined 10 lap Scratch race with cash prizes. In the B's, Connor Bunn rode astutely but didn’t quite manage to hold off Junior Laura Trot who secured her first win of the day. James Solly rode to second place men and Tony Allen third. Next up, some sprints provided close up action and points for B and women riders for the Super Madison.

The B Devil spat out some extra super heat. Steve Sorba fought hard but had to settle for third with Tony Allen second. Now the Trott/Taylor combo was stamping its authority on the event with Laura taking first. Surely she would start to fade? It was intensely hot, she had done five events and it was an hour into the meet!

Judges declared the double harness to be a Madison Pursuit and the contest was on. Partners chosen, new teams discovered and the whole field was game. In an heroic struggle to hold off Taylor and Trott, home boys Yasu Sakuraki and Scott Nelson gave Brixton CC their first win.

Second went to Laura and Bryan and third to hybrid team of Carlos Conceicao VCL and Alex Christians London Phoenix. In fourth place by a gnats hair was Connor Bunn and James Solly (VCL).

A rebellion broke out with every one being Spartacus and a much needed break was given before the Kierin delivered by Tim Phillips. This was a one two for VCL, Bryan nabbing first place from James Solly with Alex third. Only the super Madison to go.

Some fabulous changes and great ‘have a go riders’ indeed provided a Super Madison. Well up for it, Anna Glowinski, missing mule bar team mate Louise who was nursing badly scraped legs from a palace crash, teamed up with Tony Allen who proved blokes can look stunning in pale hues.

Laura gifted her team mate with a good hand of points and greater gods could not have beaten them. Connor and James tried, as did Yas and Scott. A truly appreciated afternoon of quality racing with quality riders lovely judges and the great Jan and George refreshing us with cold squash and cake. Rider of the day was Laura Trott who simply got on her bike and rode. Nine events in total. Awesome.

A Men
10-lap Scratch
1 Bryan Taylor / VCL
2. Alex Christians / London Phoenix
3. Yasu Sakuraki / Brixton CC
4. Scott Nelson / Brixton CC

1. Bryan Taylor / VCL
2. Scott Nelson / Brixton CC
3. Alex Christians / London Phoenix
4. Yasu Sakuraki / Brixton CC
B Men10 lap Scratch
1. Conor Bunn / VCL
2. James Solly VCL
3. Tony Allen VCL
4. Steve Sorba Dulwich Paragon
5. Carlos Conceicao /VC de Londres
6. Tony Blackman

B Men 10 Devil
1. Conor Bunn / VCL
2. James Solly VCL
3. Steve Sorba Dulwich Paragon
4. Carlos Conceciao /VC de Londres
5. Tony Blackman
6. Matt Rimmer VC de Londres
Women 10 lap scratch
1. Laura Trott Welwyn
2. Anna Glowinski Team Mule Bar

Women Sprint
1. Laura Trott Welwyn
2. Anna Glowinski Team Mule Bar
Madison Pursuit
1. Yasu Sakuraki/ Scott Nelson
2. Laura Trott/Bryan Taylor
3. Carlos Conceciao/ Alex Christians

1. Bryan Taylor
2. James Solly
3. Alex Christians

Super Madison
1. Laura Trott/Bryan Taylor
2. James Solly/Conor Bunn
3. Yasu Sakuraki/ Scott Nelson