BC's Stewart Kellett Tackles End to End


British Cycling's Stewart Kellett Tackles End to End

Posted: 18th May 2010

Above: Smiling (or wincing?) Stewart recreates that classic Hovis shot.
On 10th May, British Cycling's Recreation and Partnerships Director Stewart Kellett, along with the organisation's Jonathan Day, embarked on a Land's End to John o'Groats challenge, setting themselves an ambitious target of 10 days to complete the 1000-plus mile route, which included some criminally long days in the saddle, with the intrepid pair facing 130 miles across the Scottish Highlands on day eight.

At the time of writing Stewart is now nearing the end of his epic journey, raising money for the innovative north-west based Cycling Projects and Manor Road Primary School in Clayton le Woods.

Between long, painful days in the saddle, Stewart has been keeping in touch via email and Twitter. A few days into his journey at Shaftesbury, Stewart began to appreciate the gravity of the task in hand, commenting that his already beleaguered backside was "like raw steak".

Indeed, checking in on Stewart's tweets (http://twitter.com/thebigbikeride) the subject is very derriere-centric, with Stewart requesting a 'bottom transplant' on one occasion before discovering the wonder and pitfalls of spray-on Second Skin: "second skin is my new best friend. though someone should have told me to be careful where I sprayed it!"

If you'd like to pay back Stewart and his long-suffering bottom for all of their hard work go to http://www.justgiving.com/StewartKellettsbikechallenge and dig deep. You know that he has.