British Cycling Transgender and Non-Binary Participation Policy Guidance

British Cycling Transgender and Non-Binary Participation Policy Guidance



This is a guidance document created for British Cycling Members and Participants to help provide clarity on queries which have been raised following the suspension of the Policy in April 2022. While wide-ranging, this document may not cover every scenario, and as such any specific questions should be addressed to the British Cycling Compliance team ( 

British Cycling Code of Conduct

When participating in British Cycling activities, all participants and members are bound by the British Cycling Code of Conduct. All participants must be treated with respect at all times.

British Cycling membership

British Cycling remains committed to the inclusion of transgender and non-binary participants. At this time, any individual can obtain a British Cycling membership. However, whilst the Policy is under review, British Cycling is currently unable to process Full Race Licences for new transgender or non-binary participants.

British Cycling recreation activities and community programmes

All participants have an equal right to participate in British Cycling recreation activities free from discrimination of all kinds. If any participant is subject to discrimination or abuse, they should report this to the British Cycling Compliance department.

Transgender and non-binary participants are encouraged to participate in British Cycling community programmes and other recreational activities, including Breeze, Guided Rides and affiliated Club activities.

British Cycling competitive events 

Event organisers, Commissaires and all participants should take a Licence and/or event entry at face value and all participants should respect the decision of the event officials.

If an event organiser, participant or volunteer has any concerns regarding another participant’s eligibility, this should be done after the event via the British Cycling Compliance team.

Where queries surrounding a participant’s eligibility are raised at the event or out of office hours, the participant should be permitted to race and following the event, the Compliance team can be contacted to check the participant’s eligibility. All volunteers and participants should ensure any communications regarding a participant’s eligibility are not shared at the event or otherwise.

Any queries from transgender and non-binary members about their Race Licence and eligibility to compete should be passed directly to the Compliance team who will conduct the necessary enquiries and respond directly to the relevant parties.

All participants should be able to use facilities which match their gender identity. If the venue can offer gender neutral or private changing facilities, then this would be encouraged as an option for participants.

Transgender and non-binary participants make a vital contribution to our sport and activities as volunteers, Commissaires and administrators, and these roles are not affected by the suspension of the Policy.

For events which do not require a British Cycling Race Licence, eligibility to compete will depend on the requirements of the relevant licensing body.

It is the participant’s responsibility to check that they are eligible to compete in an event upon entering. Any queries regarding this should be raised with the Compliance team who will be able to respond accordingly as soon as possible.

Support and guidance

Guidance documents for Clubs and organisers to help welcome transgender and non-binary riders. 

Guidance and support for volunteers on language.

Using respectful language is important, however if you are unsure as to how someone would like to be addressed then it is okay to ask.

If mistakes are made, we just need to apologise, correct ourselves and ensure that we use their preferred terms in future.

When speaking to a group of people we would encourage the use of gender-neutral language, such as ‘team’, and avoiding collective gendered language such as ‘lads’, ‘guys’ or ‘ladies’. Gendered language can make lots of people feel uneasy and excluded – not just trans and non-binary people.

Advice for Clubs

As an affiliated British Cycling Club, members of the Club are bound by the British Cycling Code of Conduct, and the Club may also have their own in place. With this in mind, if anything arises on social media or during Club activity, Clubs can contact the British Cycling Compliance team for advice on how to address the matter or to decide what action should be taken.

As a general rule, criticism of policy is fine, but criticism or abuse of individual participants is not.

If a club needs advice about updating their own policies, please contact the Compliance team and we can provide the appropriate guidance in line with the Club’s specific requirements.