British Cycling commissions representatives and meetings

British Cycling commissions representatives and meetings

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The representatives of British Cycling's commissions are listed below alongside minutes from their meetings which take place up to four times a year.

The Commissions

Minutes from the previous meeting are added to this page once approved at the next bi-annual meeting. 

BMX Race

Chair: Alex Mavolwane Wright
Officers: Sarah Stones (Competition Officer); Dylan Clayton (Talent Development Coach); 
Members: Martin Baxter; Phil Townsend; John Twitchen; Peter Ellwood; Julian Allen; Andy McCoy
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Minutes: September 2022March 2022 | September 2021
Archive: March 2021 | February 2020 | 2010 - 2019

Cycle Speedway

Chair: Mike Hack
Officers: Declan Kohl (Competition Officer)
Members: Charlie-Jane Herbert; Bob Prince; Laura Watson; Steve Mullinder; Robert Falconer
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Minutes: May 2023November 2022 | April 2022October 2021 | April 2021
Archive: January 2020 | 2010 - 2019


Chair: Helen Wyman
Officers: Mark Nulty (Competition Officer); Matt Ellis (Cyclo-Cross Co-ordinator); 
Members: Julie Mahoney; Stuart McGhee; Tony Millar; Mandy Parker; Ted Sarmiento; Ian Poole; Kevin Mills; Ffion James; Simon Pattinson; Bruce Sandell; Vin Cox; Tim Martin; Sarah Grimshaw    
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Minutes: December 2022March 2022September 2021February 2021
Archive: March 2020 | January 2020 | 2010 - 2019

MTB Gravity

Chair: Andrea Lockhart
Officers: Sarah Stones (Competition Officer); Michael Vickers (Downhill Co-ordinator); 
Members: Scott Beaumont; Malcolm Dunn; Steve Hardcastle; Colin Houston; Chris Roberts; Adrian Walls; Tracy Moseley; Ben Skaife; Ian Warby; Robin Grant
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Minutes: September 2023 | April 2023September 2022March 2022 | September 2021
Archive: March 2021 | March 2020January 2020 | 2010 - 2019

MTB Endurance

Chair: Robin Havill
Officers: Mark Nulty (Competition Officer); Ric Jamieson (Off-Road Talent Development Coach);
Members: Anthony Grainger; Henry Norman; Lydia Brookes; Simon Greenman; Ant Maddock; Dan Jarvis; Amy Henchoz; Mark Williams; Andrew Plews; Len Hay 
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Minutes: March 2022September 2021 | March 2021
Archive: March 2020January 2020 | 2010 - 2019


Chair: Heather Bamforth  
Officers: Jenny Gretton (Road Manager);
Members: Colin Clews; Marc Etches; William Fotheringham; Dan Ellmore; Kevan Sturgeon; Bob Varney; Ben Lowe; Owen Lake; Hope Inglis; Simon Lillistone; Matt Winston   
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Minutes: April 2023October 2022April 2022 | November 2021April 2021 | March 2020 | January 2020
Archive: 2010 - 2019


Chair: David Feiven
Officers: Declan Kohl (Competition Officer); 
Members: Catherine Coley; Richard Kennedy; Neil Lawford; Carole Leigh; Kyleigh Manners; Phil McNamara; Leonard Woffindin; Paul Mullan; Alistair Rutherford; Stephen Brindle; 
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Minutes: April 2023October 2022April 2022 | October 2021
Archive: February 2020 | 2010 - 2019

Commissaires and Referees

Chair: Scott Taylor
Officers: Chloe Geoghegan (Officials Support Officer); 
Members: Mike Hack; Kelvin Hoy; Paul Mullan; Ian Poole; Kevan Sturgeon; Phil Townsend; Helen Probart
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Minutes: November 2021August 2021 | April 2021
Archive: January 2020 | 2010 - 2019


Chair: George Gilbert
Officer: Rick Clarkson (Competition Manager)
Members: Gary Coltman; Willi Tarran; Claire Grive; Mark Tomsett; Charlie Revell; Ria Goodman
BC Legal Representatives: Jo Seed; Kate Attwood 
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Minutes: June 2023 | October 2022July 2022
Archive: July 2022 | October 2021 | October 2018 | 2011 - 2017

BMX Freestyle

Chair: Harry Tucker
Officers: Diane Pollitt Walmsley (National BMX FS Project Manager);   
Members: Stephen Rooke; David Cleworth; Kayley Ashworth; Shaun Scarfe; Anthony Ramsey; Jonathan Wilson; Mandy Young; Shaun Gornall; Diane Pollitt Walmsley; Sam Foakes, Mike Mullen
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Minutes: October 2022March 2022 | September 2021

Sport Commission

Chair: Richard Lodge
Members: Chairs from the Discipline Commissions
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Minutes: May 2022 | November 2021 | May 2021

Federation Commission

Chair: Nicholas Lumb
Members: Representatives from regions and home countries
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Minutes: June 2022 | March 2022 | December 2021 | September 2021
Archive: June 2021 | February 2021 | December 2020 | September 2020 | April 2020 | 2017 - 2019