British Cycling statement regarding reports about the sale of Great Britain Cycling Team kit

British Cycling statement regarding reports about the sale of Great Britain Cycling Team kit

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There is an ongoing investigation into the information provided to us by UK Sport this week. We are unable to comment on the details of this while the investigation continues.

The kit and equipment used by Great Britain Cycling Team riders and staff is supplied in one of two ways: performance equipment developed and funded wholly by UK Sport’s Research and Innovation programme, and equipment and clothing supplied free-issue by British Cycling’s commercial partners as value-in-kind.

British Cycling keeps a detailed and exhaustive inventory of all UK Sport-funded equipment - going back over 10 years - and can categorically state that no kit or equipment provided by UK Sport is, or has ever been, given away or sold on for profit, or has even left the National Cycling Centre, in Manchester.

The Research and Innovation programme benefits all national governing bodies, and is something which British Cycling views as integral to our continued success.

Our commercial partnerships are negotiated solely by British Cycling, and are designed to enable our athletes to train and compete at the highest levels at all times. Any equipment supplied in this way is booked in and out via a stock management system.

New kit is issued to athletes on the programme every 12 months. At the end of every 12-month cycle, kit or equipment is recycled, or scrapped if damaged. Records are kept, which include every item of kit.

When kit is issued, riders are informed that it is the property of the Great Britain Cycling Team, is not their personal property and should be returned when they leave the programme or when requested.

Non-current, unworn kit is also occasionally sold at ‘cycle jumbles’ – in cases where consent is provided by the commercial partner involved – and the money raised from these sales is then used to further support the Great Britain Cycling Team. Once sold, we are obviously unable to guarantee what individual buyers will do with the kit they have purchased.

In addition, British Cycling also has a long-standing relationship with an independent bicycle dealership who perform mechanic services for the Great Britain Cycling Team. They have received payment in kind with equipment which is no longer of use to the team.

The uppermost concern in our minds has always been to ensure that equipment funded by UK Sport or supplied by our commercial partners can be deployed as effectively as possible, thereby furthering the chances of success for our Olympic and Paralympic athletes.