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Anti-doping - race clean

Anti-doping - race clean

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In order to maintain clean cycling standards all riders need to be able to check, choose and challenge what they and others do.

Know your banned substances

The Prohibited List is updated every year with substances being added or removed. However riders need to be aware that the Prohibited List can change at any time and a medication they use can be legal one day then illegal another. Find out more information for further information and a link to the Prohibited List.

Check all your medications

Prescription and over the counter medications can legitimately contain banned substances in order to treat medical conditions. This presents a potential risk to all riders and you need to make informed decisions about using such medications. Find out more information on how to check medications and top tips to stay clean.

Get approval for some medications

In order to treat a legitimate medical condition you may need to use medication that contains a banned substance. You will be able to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) which is an approval to use the medication. Depending on your level of competition you must apply for a TUE either before or after testing. Find out more information on TUE’s and when you need to apply.

Choose your supplements wisely

The supplement industry does not operate to the same strict standards as the pharmaceutical industry. They do not have to declare everything that may be contained in a supplement. Some supplements contain banned substances but there is nothing obvious to inform you of this. Using supplements is therefore a potential risk to you unwittingly using a banned substance and then testing positive. You must be very careful. Find out more information on the risks associated with supplements and how to minimise that risk.

Get familiar with the testing procedure

All members of British Cycling who participate in competitive cycling may be subject to testing (‘Doping Control’) both in and out of competition. This can occur at any time in any location. This may seem daunting but it is an inherent part of the fight against doping. To dispel any concerns you should familiarise with the process and your rights when being tested by reading further information.

Report doping

In order help maintain a clean sport if you suspect that a fellow competitor may be doping you can anonymously report them to Report Doping in Sport. This is a confidential reporting process hosted by Crimestoppers. All information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, will be considered and may be key in action being taken. Find out more information on how to report any concerns.