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MBLA Assessment

Candidates should be effective in mountain bike leading on applying for assessment. They should be familiar with the course requirements and syllabus, as detailed in the course materials. An outline of the assessment procedures and criteria will be provided on the training courses.

Candidates will be assessed in the following areas:

Clothing & Equipment; Planning & Preparation; Riding skills; Emergency Planning; Navigation; Access Rights & Responsibilities; Leadership; Fitness, Fuel & Hydration; Trailside Repairs & Bike set-up; Hazards & Risk Management; Weather; Legal Issues & Liability.

No prior accreditation of learning is accepted for SMBLA training or assessment from candidates who have attended courses provided by other award schemes.

A TCL or MBL certificate will only be issued if the candidate possesses an appropriate and current First Aid certificate and membership of Scottish Cycling/British Cycling. Both First Aid and membership must be kept current for a TCL or MBL qualification to remain valid.


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