2020 Scottish Cycling Calendar Compilation

2020 Scottish Cycling Calendar Compilation

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Scottish Cycling is delighted to announce the beginning of the 2020 calendar compilation process, to begin building an exciting and coordinated calendar of events for next year. Applications have also open for hosts of 2020 Scottish National Championship and Series events. 

Scottish Cycling would like to extend thanks and appreciation to the Event Organisers and Clubs that promoted, or are still to promote, a Scottish Cycling event in 2019.  It has been a great year of racing so far, with plenty more opportunities still to come. With record-breaking performances across the disciplines, the quality of events being organised is reflected in the quality of racing. Volunteer event organisers have promoted events reaching from grass roots up to National Championship level, and everything in between!

2020 Calendar Compilation

It’s the time of year (already!) where the Events Team need Event Organisers and Clubs to think about the events they will be promoting in 2020.

All information on the 2020 process and how you can get involved will be communicated, to Club Secretaries, this week by your Regional Development Officer.  An email will also go out to all registered Event Organisers from the Scottish Cycling Events Team.

Please follow this link to find more detailed information and timelines for the 2020 calendar compilation process, including the regional details.

National Event Application & Selection

Each year Scottish Cycling invites applications to host National events, with successful applications being selected by the relevant Event Commission, made up of members from the Scottish Cycling community.  All Event Organisers and Clubs wishing to be considered as hosts for these flagship events are encouraged to apply.  All National events are a partnership between the Event Organiser and Scottish Cycling.

To apply to host a 2020 Scottish National Event, please follow the link below, to find out more about the National Events and the application process. You can also complete and submit the application form here. 

The deadline for applications is 30th August 2019.  Following the close of applications, the Scottish Cycling Event Commissions will select the Championship and Series promoters.  Scottish Cycling aims to inform Event Organisers and Clubs of their success or otherwise from the week beginning 23rd September 2019.

Please follow this link for more detailed information and contact details for the 2020 National Event Application process.

Go Ride Racing

Go-Ride Racing is Scottish Cycling's exciting competition programme which helps young riders make the transition from school or club coaching sessions to inter club and open regional competition. For clubs who are Go Ride Registered or Accredited, Go Ride Racing is a fun and engaging type of event which supports young cyclists development.

Please click here for more information on the Go Ride Racing programme.


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