Team Series Win for Birkmyre

Team Series Win for Birkmyre

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Janet Birkmyre Wins Darley Moor Team Series Race

August 30, 2009; Source: Jon Miles

Photo: Jeff Baird

Janet Birkmyre (above), guesting for DNA Cycles, won the penultimate round of the Women's Team Race Series event at a wind swept Darley Moor proving that her track legs work just as well in the longer distances, just beating the Max Gear RT duo of Harriet Owen and Marianne Britten to the finish line. A fuller field than normal faced 22 laps of the motorcycle racing circuit near Derby, generously sponsored by Farmers Skoda of Nottingham ( and My Team Giordana ( and organised by the Asfield RC's Arthur Gamble and Ray Stuart.

With its open fields leaving the circuit well exposed to the elements, it was the strong wind that cancelled out the early breaks of Iona Sewell, Kelly Moore both of Squadra Donne/Bikefood/Luciano Cycles and Charlotte Colclough riding for Mischief A crash with 13 laps to go involving Lisa Scarlett (London Dynamo) and Nikki Wheeler (Surrey League) gave them a lap out but fortunately without any physical damage.

The final attack of the day was by Nicola Juniper, BCF Eastern who lept clear with three laps to go and although she stayed away for almost one and a half laps, again it was doomed not to be successful and eventually the race came down to a bunch kick with Janet taking a well deserved win.

Photos from Dave O'Nyons (

Cheryl Owens makes a dash for freedom

Harriett Owen on the move

1.  Janet  Birkmyre  DNA Cycles
2.  Harriet Owen Max Gear RT
3.  Marianne Britten Max Gear RT
4.  Cheryl  Owens  Impsport Team A
5.  Charlotte  Colclough Mischief
6.  Cassie Gledhill DNA Cycles
7.  Emma  Patterson London Dynamo
8.  Penny Rowson Mischief
9.  Monica Eden  Impsport Team A
10.  Emily  Hogge  DNA Cycles
11.  Miriam  Freemantle Impsport Team A
12.  Helen Gutteridge  Mischief
13.  Hannah  Walker  Mischief
14.  Claire Beaumont  London Dynamo
15.  Nicola  Juniper  BCF Eastern
16.  Rachel  Przbyiski  Surrey League
17.  Alex Tyrer Twickenham CC
18.  Rohan Battison  DNA Cycles
19.  Estelle  Rogers  Surrey League
20.  Karen Price Surrey League
21.  Alison  Mischief
22.  Sarah  King Impsport Team A
23.  Caroline Harding BCF Eastern
24.  Iona Sewell Squadra Donne/Bikefood/Luciano Cycles
25.  Sarah Byrne  Mischief
26.  Lisa  Scarlett  London Dynamo
27.  Angie  Thorp BCF Eastern
28.  Jackie  Garner  Max Gear RT
29.  Nikki  Wheeler  Surrey League
30.  Gail  Aspden  Squadra Donne/Bikefood/Luciano Cycles
31.  Tracey Corbett  London Dynamo
32.  Kirsty  Bishop PSUK
33.  Linda  Hubbard Welland Valley RT
33.  Leona Kadir  Surrey League
35.  Louise  Eden  Max Gear RT
36.  Mathilde  Matthijsse  Impsport Team A
37.  Jenny  Milsom PSUK
38.  Elizabeth Clayton  Mischief
39.  Helen  Clayton  Mischief
40.  Tina  Reid Twickenham CC
41.  Hannah  Bussey Max gear RT
42.  Jayne  Payne DNA Cycles
43.  Stephania Magri  Squadra Donne/Bikefood/Luciano Cycles
44.  Fiona  Telford-Brunton  Impsport team B
45.  Kate Evans Impsport Team B
46.  Anna  Grundy BCF Eastern
47.  Carrie  Bedingfield  Max Gear RT
48.  Vicky Ware  Squadra Donne/Bikefood/Luciano Cycles
49.  Emma Grant  DNA Cycles
50.  Wiesia Kurzaj Twickenham CC
51.  Lisa West  Twickenham CC
1.  DNA Cycles  322 points
2.  Max Gear RT 290 points + Sprint Points = 19 = 309
3.  Mischief 251 points
4.  Impsport Team A 243 points + Sprint Points = 10 = 253
5.  London Dynamo  165 points + Sprint Points = 3 = 168
6.  Surrey League 134 points
7.  BCF Eastern 106 points
8.  Squadra Donne 70 points
9.  Twickenham CC 58 points
10. PSUK 39 points
11. Welland Valley RT 21 points
12. Impsport Team B 19 points