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Barrow and Freeman blow away field in Youth Circuit Series

Barrow and Freeman blow away field in Youth Circuit Series

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Local rider Eve Barrow fired her way to glory on a dramatic open day of the North West Youth Tour in the British Cycling | Youth Circuit Series.

The first of three stages in the Screentek International North West Youth Tour saw riders return to the promenade at Morecambe.

It was Aaron Freeman’s day in the Under 16 Boys A with Zoe Backstedt and Ben Partridge taking the honours in the Under 14 B competitions respectively.

Youth A Girls

The Under 16 Girls followed the Junior Women onto the course with Erin Avill of Pink Jersey Race Team setting the benchmark, completing the course in 3:49.

Second rider away, Bethany Barnett of Kings Lynn CC, was five seconds adrift of Avill’s time but the third starter – local rider Eve Barrow of Salt Ayre Cog Set, slashed 18 seconds off the fastest time, going top with a 3:31.

Avill held on to second for another couple of minutes, before Izzy Brickell of Fareham Wheelers clocked a 3:46 – but that time only kept the Hampshire rider there for 23 seconds as the next rider over the line – Eva Callinan of Hillingdon Slipstreamers – set a time of 3:39.

Six and a half minutes later and Callinan was down to third – Isabella Escalera for VC Londres moving ahead with a 3:37. Emma Finucane of Towy Riders – second in the National Series standings – slotted in to fourth, a second behind Escalera and Series leader Eluned King of Towy Riders went third on 3:38

But with just five riders remaining, Alice Towers of RST/Cycle Division Racing Team, came within two seconds of displacing Barrow at the head of the field – and the penultimate competitor – Eva Young of Pedal Power RT, slotted in to third, just a second behind Towers. Barrow will now wear the leader’s jersey on the first road stage at Lancaster.

Youth A Boys

Ryan Abram of Bristol Cycle Development Squad had the honour of topping the timesheets in the Under 16 Boys – posting a time to beat of 3:28. Next rider up – Emile Alexander of Lichfield City CC – knocked 13 seconds of Abram’s time to take over at the top – where he stayed for almost five minutes until Joshua Charlton of Hetton Hawks went quicker by three seconds.

Bryn Davies of Towy Riders took the benchmark down to 3:10 a couple of minutes later but, four minutes later Aaron Freeman of Chelmer CC took it down to 3:16.

It was almost 20 minutes before anyone got near that time again – Oscar Nilsson-Julian, of VC Londres, matching Davies’ time to go second, where he sat for another eight minutes. There were just nine riders remaining when the top three changed again.

Jack Rootkin-Gray - second in the overall Series standings - pipped Nilsson-Julian by a second but less than a minute later, series leader Oliver Stockwell, of Welwyn Wheelers, went second with a 3:07.

Nobody else troubled the leaders, leaving Freeman at the top of the General Classification going into the second day.

Youth B Girls

Runaway Series Leader Zoe Backstedt – donning her National Champions Jersey – was the first of the Under 14 Girls off the start ramp and put in a sensational time of 3:27 to set a very high benchmark.

Bethany Bennett, of Towy Riders, was second away and finished 33 seconds behind her compatriot, with Evelina Black of Sportcity Velo up next and slotting into second, 21 seconds behind Backstedt.

That time would keep Black in second for six minutes until Ella Jamieson went six seconds quicker just before the half way stage of the race.

A couple of minutes later Jamieson’s time fell as Grace Lister – third in the National Series – went second on 3:39 but still 12 seconds off Backstedt’s time.

Hackney’s Anoushka Minale went four seconds quicker than Lister, but eight seconds was as close as anybody got to Backstedt – Imani Pereira-James of East Kilbride, currently second in the overall Series, matched Minale’s time to take second on the stage.

Youth B Boys

First of the Under 14 Boys was Oliver Akers who clocked 3:38 to give the others a solid time to aim at. Alfie Atterton of Edinburgh RC took eight seconds off a couple of minutes later and Riley Blackmore of PH-MAS/Paul Milne Cycles took third spot with a 3:29.

Lewis Dolan of Manilla GRN Cycling took over in third briefly with a 3:28 before Dylan Edwards of Salt Ayre Cog Set posted a 3:26 – which put him second for over a quarter of an hour.

VC Londres rider Oliver Mangham shaved a second off that time and knocked Edwards down to third – until Series Leader Ben Partridge of Hetton Hawks stormed round the course in 3:16. The only other rider to get close was Euan Woodliffe – second in the Series and last away – could only manage a 3:24. Nonetheless, it was good enough to snatch second, but eight seconds off Partridge’s pace.

Stage 1 Results

Youth A Girls

1 Eve Barrow Salt Ayre Cog Set 3:31
2 Alice Towers RST/Cycle Division Racing Team at 00:02
3 Eva Young Pedal Power RT at 00:03
4 Isabella Escalera VC Londres at 00:06
5 Eluned King Towy Riders at 00:07
6 Emma Finucane Towy Riders st
7 Madelaine Leech Huddersfield Star Wheelers at 00:08
8 Abi Smith Clifton CC st
9 Eva Callinan Hillingdon Slipstreamers st
10 Flora Knight Pink Jersey Race Team at 00:10

Youth A Boys

1 Aaron Freeman Chelmer CC 3:06
2 Oliver Stockwell Welwyn Wheelers CC at 00:01
3 Jack Rootkin-Gray Solihull CC at 00:03
4 Oscar Nilsson-Julien VC Londres at 00:04
5 Bryn Davies Towy Riders st
6 Max Poole Bike Box Alan at 00:05
7 Oscar Onley Squadra Scozzese st
8 Finlay Pickering Wold Top Actif RT st
9 Joshua Charlton Hetton Hawks Cycling Club at 00:06
10 Joseph Pidcock PH-MAS/Paul Milnes Cycles at 00:07

Youth B Girls

1 Zoe Backstedt Team Backstedt/Hotchillee 3:27
2 Imani Pereira-James East Kilbride Road Club at 00:08
3 Anoushka Minale Cycling Club Hackney at 00:12
4 Grace Lister Wolverhampton Wheelers st
5 Ella Jamieson Clifton CC at 00:15
6 Morven Yeoman East Kilbride Road Club at 00:20
7 Evelina Black Sportcity Velo at 00:21
8 Ellie Swingell Halesowen A & CC at 00:23
9  Jacqueline Kinsey Sportcity Velo at 00:29
10 Ella Maclean-Howell Cardiff JIF at 00:30

Youth B Boys

1 Ben Partridge Hetton Hawks Cycling Club 3:16
2 Euan Woodliffe Welwyn Wheelers CC at 00:08
3 Olivier Mangham VC Londres at 00:09
4 Dylan Edwards Salt Ayre Cog Set at 00:10
5 Noah Hobbs Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club st
6 Alfie Atterton Edinburgh RC st
7 Joshua Tarling Team Backstedt/Hotchillee at 00:11
8 Lewis Dolan Manilla GRN Cycling at 00:12
9 Riley Blackmore PH-MAS/Paul Milnes Cycles st
10 Finley Douglas Rhyl Cycling Club at 00:13

2018 British Cycling Youth Circuit Series - North West Youth Tour Stage 1