For fun

Whether you’re a total beginner, looking to ride more regularly, or enjoy organising your own social rides, we have loads of ways to help you get cycling.

Check out Breeze, our flagship programme of bike rides just for women. Sky Ride Local and Social Cycling Groups also offer great ways to get into riding for fun, at times and levels that suit you.

For commuting

The most common issues preventing women riding to work are that it is unsafe, they would get sweaty and overall it is too much of an inconvenience. Read our top tips on overcoming these barriers and get pedalling to work in no time.

For personal challenge

With 500+ events to choose from, why not consider a non-competitive challenge ride suitable for all abilities. Organisers rarely hold back, so make sure you do some preparation, but take part in an event where everyone’s determined to achieve their own, personal goal with plenty of support to help you along the way.