Frequently Asked Questions on Safeguarding in Wales

Frequently Asked Questions on Safeguarding in Wales

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Safeguarding can often raise questions. Take a look at our FAQ section to see if your question can be answered. If not, please contact Workforce Officer Alistair Waldron.

I’m just a club volunteer, how does safeguarding affect me?
Safeguarding and the welfare of children is a responsibility of all adults. You have a duty of care to any children you work with and if you have any concerns you need to report them.

How do I become a Club Welfare Officer?
You need to consult with your club committee. It is compulsory for a club with riders under the age of 18 to have a Club Welfare Officer. Once you have done this speak to your local Cycling Development Officer or contact Alistair Waldron, Lead Safeguarding Officer

Do I need a DBS check and how do I get it?
If you are unsure if you require a Disclosure and Barring Service check please complete the form
and return to British Cycling.

Once British Cycling has confirmed you need a DBS check, you will receive a DBS and Self Declaration form in the post. You will need to complete these and then liaise with Welsh Cycling to have an ID verification meeting. Contact Alistair Waldron to complete this.

Will I be able to volunteer if I have criminal convictions?
Yes you may still be able to volunteer. Once a DBS check has been undertaken, any prior convictions will be flagged up to the requesting body. Once this has been done, the role is risk assessed taking the convictions into account.

I have concerns about a child, what do I do?
Consult our Reporting a Concern pages. Remember if you have a concern it is your duty of care to act on it. If there is immediate danger, contact the Police or NSPCC.

If your question is not answered above, please contact Alistair Waldron by email or call 01633 274691