Welsh Cycling launches Coaches Forum

Welsh Cycling launches Coaches Forum

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Welsh Cycling has launched a new forum to assist in Continual Professional Development (CPD) for its coaches. Administered by the Workforce Officer Alistair Waldron, Welsh Cycling is pleased unveil Cycling Coaches Wales, a closed Facebook group for coaches in Wales.

Social Media has become incredibly powerful in the modern world, and accessible on a number of platforms. Cycling Coaches Wales Facebook group aims to become a central point for sharing CPD opportunities such as British Cycling workshops, but also more innovative and informal learning.

To highlight the variety of learning available, one of the first posts covers and article from former England Rugby Head Coach Brian Ashton in regards to the Welsh defeat of England in the recent Rugby World Cup. Whilst from an entirely different sport the processes Brian talks about are applicable to cycling, reacting to race situations, tactics and scenario work in trainings.

The group also has access to the latest training calendar and formal opportunities, with other useful courses such as First Aid and Safeguarding training included. There are also links to Sports Coach UK blogs, and encourage coaches to engage sharing knowledge, experience and create discussions.

The facebook group can be found by searching Cycling Coaches Wales on Facebook or by following the link below. It is a closed group and is only accessible to coaches active in Wales. This is a closely administered group, it is to be used only for the purpose of developing coaching.

Access Cycling Coaches Wales.

If you are having difficulty accessing the group, please contact Workforce Officer Alistair Waldron.