Tour de France will be part of S4C summer of cycling

Tour de France will be part of S4C summer of cycling

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The Tour de France is set to feature on S4C as part of their summer of cycling coverage, which has also included the inaugral Velothon Wales.

Members of some of north Wales’ cycling clubs took part in an S4C video to promote the channels’ coverage of the Le Tour de France which will be in July.

Members of Egni, Dwyfor, Madog and Mona cycling clubs joined forces to film in the Dyffryn Nantlle area, in front of Caernarfon Castle and even in the Caernarfon Discount Tyres garage owned by Alun Williams.

The video shows the cyclists in the garage preparing their bikes while watching coverage of the Le Tour de France on the television. Being part of the filming was a great experience according to Alun, co-owner of the garage;

“It was a real pleasure having S4C filming in our garage as well as in other notable locations like Caernarfon Castle. It will be great for people to see us appearing in the video, and to see how popular cycling is especially in the mountain areas of north Wales, and we are looking forward to be able to hear Welsh commentary of the Le Tour de France on S4C during July.”

One of the clubs to appear in the fideo is Energy Cycle who’s trainer is ex-profesional cyclist John Keightley and the squad includes Welsh 2012 champion, Gareth McGuinness from Llanrug. The club members meet up on a weekly basis to train in the Caernarfon area.

“There are cycling clubs for children and adults of all ages across Arfon and it’s a great opportunity for individuals to practice and develop their cycling skills,” says Christopher Evans from Energy Cycles, “I personally have been watching the Le Tour de France since I was a little boy and so it’s a pleasure to see that S4C is broadcasting the event and offering a Welsh perspective of the race. I hope that having local cycling clubs take part in S4C’s video will promote interest in cycling locally, and in watching the Le Tour de France on S4C.”

The Tour de France will be shown live on S4C in July with daily highlights show. Starting Saturday, 4 July, until the cyclists reach the finish lin eon 26 July, S4C will follow the cyclists every step of the 3,360 kilmetre journey.

Sue Butler, S4C’s Sports Editor says,“S4C is pleased to broadcast the world’s largest annual sporting event. Le Tour de France is a spectacle without equal and S4C will be bringing you live coverage each day and highlights programmes every evening.”

Le Tour de France highlight programmes air until 26 July 2015 on S4C. Go to listings for full timetable and details at and is available on demand Produced by Sunset & Vine Cymru for S4C.