North Wales Youth Riders Sprint first for Stage 1 of TOB

North Wales Youth Riders Sprint first for Stage 1 of TOB


Team Sky's Elia Viviani may have won the stage but North Wales Children beat the Italian to the finish during the TOB Go Ride Races earlier in the day.

During the Finish Line opportunities, Wrexham Sports Development and Welsh Cycling held a Go Ride Racing event on the technical finishing section of Stage 1 of the TOB.  This brought riders from 5 of the Local Authorities across North Wales.  Races covered Key stage 2, 3 & 4 for both Boys and Girls.

The riders started off with a Prologue and then the fastest riders went into their relevant Finals.  TOB spectators got so see our Riders of the future battling it out for the chance to stand on the top step of the podium to receive their medals.


KS2 Girls
1.            Megan Blackburn                             Gwynedd
2.            Erin Woodhall                                    Wrexham
3.            Katie Hall                                             Wrexham

KS2 Boys
1.            Ioan Oldfield                                      Wrexham
2.            John Atkinson                                   Wrexham
3.            Evan Burgess                                     Conwy

KS3 Girls
1.            Ella Oldfield                                        Wrexham
2.            Elen Edwards                                     Denbighshire
3.            Alys Jones                                           Gwynedd

KS3 Boys
1.            Alexander Smith                              Wrexham
2.            Sven Grube                                        Denbighshire
3.            Tim Freeman                                     Gwynedd

KS4 Girls
1.            Elain Davies                                        Gwynedd
2.            Katie Hesden                                     Gwynedd
3.            Emily Larwood                                   Wrexham

KS4 Boys
1.            Simon Price                                        Flintshire
2.            Luke Bowen                                       Conwy
3.            Osian Griffiths                                   Gwynedd